There’s been a little breathing space between posts of late so I will jot down a brief update, don’t worry, I’ll try to keep it short.

I went to London for a couple of days at the weekend, which was very good. We did rather a lot of walking, and had a stroll around the British Museum to start with. I particularly enjoyed the Australian Season exhibition; the baskets were wonderful, and the themed garden they seem to do each year; there’s been an Indian garden and a South African garden in past years. We went to a concert in St. George’s Church in Bloomsbury in the evening, celebrating the University College of London Choir’s 20th anniversary. This was magical, the church is beautiful [Hawksmoor] and the June evening outside was crepuscular, wet and grey. Perfect.

The following day included a trip to the Cartoon Museum which is good fun. We went to see the Steve Bell exhibition, and I must say I haven’t been to a show before where so many people were tittering and indeed laughing at the pictures; it was a great atmosphere. Then we went to Tate Modern, across Millennium Bridge of course, with stops for food and beer. I love the Thames, it’s always exciting for a person from Birmingham which is far from the sea and has but a poor little culverted river. There were speed boat trips, I’m on one next time I go. The weather was good for walking in the day, we just missed the 2 day heat wave, fortunately. I’m not one for too much hot sunny weather.

At home again we have started our insect house. It’s not quite finished, as it needs more hay and logs inserted into the nooks and crannies. If nothing else we’ll get woodlice. I just hope the insects who live in it don’t mind George weeing on it, which he seems to be doing regularly.

He hasn’t done it here, but you can see he’s thinking about it.

At the studio I’ve finished Seven Birches, which is for my show in Solihull later this year. Here it is, with a close up. I’m attempting to frame it, and much is going wrong with this procedure. I hate framing. When I had some work framed recently for a show it was amazing to hand them over and get them back without having to swear a lot.

A couple of close ups follow.

Swan with rain stitch.

And a print of the bird skull from the cover of The Stone Bird on acetate.