Wales, water and work.

We’ve been to Wales for a few days, which was wonderful. The first two days were hot, the beach could have been Mediterranean.Then it cooled down, then it rained, which is what we expect for a summer break, so no disappointments there. The cool day was ideal for shopping, and as we had to go to Machynlleth, that’s where we did it. There was a new second hand bookshop which is very nicely stocked, so I had to buy a couple of really necessary books, and then I also felt impelled to buy a book at the gallery too. Being on holiday and the fact that I needed these books for my work were and indeed are my excuses.

Wales has lots of beautiful water, in the form of sea, waterfalls and rivers. As you may know I keenly feel the lack of such things in Birmingham. We do drink and bathe in Welsh water here though, at least. Here are a couple of watery images from my hols.

The gorgeous river at Dolgoch Falls.

Sunset in Tywyn.

I devised a little project, taking pictures of objects on the beach, with the eventual idea of adding to my Beach Series by using the objects in a spaced and minimal way. Naturally I took many such pictures, but here are just two.

And this was the view from the car on our way home, one of my favourite places, Dysinni Valley. Mountains one way, sea the other.

I bought this book about the artist Clive Hicks-Jenkins from the gallery, having seen his work there over the years. I find it rather wonderful, very inspiring.

This dog is so like George, too.

His birds are very spiritual. There are echoes of Mary Fedden in his work, another favourite artist of mine.

Back in the studio I’ve been working on Sea Lily, for the Festival of Quilts. It’s at handstitch stage but I can’t hang about, there’s much to be done. Having said that I did make a large cushion cover today and started some work in thick felt for a course based on architectural elements I hope to be teaching in August.

Here it is in it’s early stages, it looks rather strange and spongy in the picture, but the surface is quite inspiring. I’ve painted the pieces with acrylic inks, to achieve that mouldy look of old stonework.

The negative,

and the positive. They are about 25 cm square. A few bold stitches and some suitable additions, such as metal, and some porcelain beads could be an interesting experiment. I also have some images of leaf veins  printed onto t shirt transfer paper which I may use, in tiny added pieces.

6 thoughts on “Wales, water and work.

  1. Both pieces are very intriguing! I’m sitting here trying to figure how you did them. I love the color and the texture. I can’t wait to see the progression. did you do them as mono prints?

    1. They are very thick white felt which I have cut out according to my design and glued onto black felt. One is the centre, or main piece, the other is what was left when I cut it out. I often use these negative pieces. I painted the work with black, green and white acrylic ink to achieve the mouldy looking surface. Mono printing would produce a good surface too.They are based on some carved stones, so I will be making more and I’ll post them as I finish them.

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