I taught a two day workshop at the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists earlier this week. It seemed to go very well with some nice comments from the participants too. It’s the first time I’ve taught the landscape class, but it is a fantastic subject in its hugely varied opportunities for interpretation in textiles. It sort of crept into my work some time ago without any sort of conscious planning, which I find fascinating, the way decisions are made on so many different levels when we create.

Some excellent work was produced, so here are some images. We painted and printed all our own fabric to use in the work.

Julia and Joanne working on two inspiring pieces based on coastal scenery.

Rachel is extremely good at working with a mix of patterned fabrics. This landscape piece is based on standing stones.

Rachel hadn’t done any textile work since GCSE but her African piece was wonderful.

Rita had produced jewel like fabrics to construct a sweeping view of hills.

Val concentrating on her large piece based on her garden. It was extremely well designed, with the appearance of a moonlit, dream like scene.

Annie had a brilliant idea and supportive work based on Medieval landscapes. Here she is working on a sample piece.

Daphne working on a brilliantly coloured field of poppies. I loved the bright colour and she intends to add a lot of stitch, which will produce a precious gem of a piece.

I am about to start work on a commission for a piece based on landscape too, and here is my selection of fabrics painted today. I have started to lay it down and have kept it brighter rather than too sombre. It’s quite large, about A1, and will be framed.

And when that’s done I intend to continue with Flowerpecker, which I sort of started ages ago, so I’ve pinned all the design sheets onto the wall ready to go. The trouble is I want to do so many of the designs that the piece will be ridiculously huge, so I’ll have to calm down.

2 thoughts on “Landscape

  1. Thank you so much for 2 lovely days Stephanie. It was like a mini holiday, and I am soooo pleased with the work that you inspired. I’ll send you a photo when it is complete. Julia x

  2. Thanks Julia, I’m pleased you enjoyed it and that you spotted yourself on my blog.
    I’ll look forward to seeing the finished piece, and Joanne’s too…don’t forget to send me an image or two.

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