Finishing takes ages!

Like many textile people at this time of year I find that although I have been making work for the Festival of Quilts for what seems like most of the last year I am still working hard to finish the pieces, and that it is seeming to take forever. Then there’s the labelling and wrapping, which I seriously hate doing! I’ve decided that delivery will be on Monday and that’s that.

Having said that we had a lovely day trip to Wales yesterday. Although this was actually precipitated by abject failure it was very good. My piece failed to get into the MOMA Summer Show, which was a shame, but I was in good company as a couple of RBSA coleagues also joined me on the reject pile. One of them actually got into the Royal Academy Summer Show this year too, so there we are.

The exhibition was good though, with some excellent work. My daughter did get in too, which of course was brilliant, although she wasn’t that pleased since it wasn’t both of us! We are into family loyalty around here. I was forced to buy a dress in Machynlleth and then we drove to the coast for a walk on the beach, to revive our poor inland souls.

The piece I’ve been finishing today is Sea Lily, which doesn’t photograph well, being several different shades of white with a bit of black, but here are a couple of images. I’m determined that tomorrow it will be absolutely and totally DONE and wrapped.

All these images are close ups, I’ll post a fullsome image soon.

It features fossil sea lilies, and other elements based upon botanical fossils, as well as text and images of my embroidery printed onto acrylic sheet. There’s wood and porcelain pieces on it too.

I actually started this piece about two years ago, for a different project that was shelved but then started up again. I’ve recently dug out more laid down work which is ripe to finish; I started that a year ago, then sort of went of it. But I seem to like it again now, which is handy all round.

3 thoughts on “Finishing takes ages!

  1. Joeys eh – one minute they’re safely tucked in the pouch, the next out they pop and beat you! – I’m afaid it is the natural order of the wild Steph … but well done Chloe!! – bet Bernard is proud as punch of her. Sea Lily is as gorgeous as ever – but I am shocked you will be delivering on Monday …. I rate that as totally swotty – I’m struggling to hit Friday. Anyway – I’m certain that it and The Stone Bird will soon have you off that reject pile and fluffing your feathers again. Will try and send proper e-mail soon – Hxx

  2. Hi Hil,
    All those years I’ve fed and been nice to her and this is how she repays me!
    I’ll be happy just to get the work to the NEC and hope it’s displayed without injuring someone. The book weighs quite a lot, and the quilt has porcelain bits on it, a couple of which I noticed today are sticking out, so I hope they don’t wound the Angels. I’ve stuck notices all over the inner packing, they’ll think I’m mad. Keep working old Courgette.

  3. Nursed a viper at your breast, that’s what you’ve gone and done Steph – at least you know where the talent comes from! xx

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