Dore Abbey

I’ve only just discovered Dore Abbey, due to the fact that I was invited to exhibit my work there during their annual festival. It’s such a gem, ensconced in the Herefordshire countryside; a perfect and glorious place to visit. It was a Cistercian monastery founded in 1147, with features dating from the 12th to the 17th century, and is now a functioning Anglican church. It still has some of its wall paintings intact inside too, a rare sight these days. We are so used to seeing the austere stone walls in our churches and cathedrals that it’s difficult to imagine they were once completely and colourfully painted. Enough of the enthusiastic architectural ponderings, here’s a few pictures.

The brochure cover. I would love to go to some of the concerts [well all of them actually], but it’s quite a distance for us and next week I’m going on a print course too.

Here it is, isn’t it beautiful? In its day it was a working environment; sheep seem to feature heavily in its history.

An arch remains after its aisle has gone. The graveyard was wonderful too.

My little stand.

My stand again. There are a mix of artists showing ceramics, calligraphy, felt, jewellery,wood, textiles, photography, and painting.

The altar and east windows.

One of the wall paintings.