Printing and more printing.

It seems to be print week around here, well up to a point. No actual printing has been done yet, by me, but hopefully it will be soon. Yesterday the textile group Eclectica of which I am a member met and had a collagraph making session.

This was spurred on by the visit two of the members made to Art in Action in Oxfordshire at the weekend where they were impressed by the print tent. So I gathered up vast quantities of scrap materials, thrilled that at last I was to make time for myself to have a go at collagraph plate making. I bought the books years ago, but have never done it. I started two plates which blossomed rather too much and need a bigger board to sit on, but got well on the way with one, which is unfinished and frankly looks ridiculous but I have hopes it will produce something interesting when I’m back in the studio. I’ll use acrylic paint and print by hand, not by press, as I don’t have one.

Images of the morning follow.

June, Marion and Rita around the paint table, with tall friend in the background.

Some images appearing.

Marion painting over one of June’s embroideries as June looks on. She didn’t seem to mind this vandalism at all.

Quite a good print on calico. Old bits of embroidery are ready made collagraphs and produce very useful images.

This is my plate, which consists of felt, scrim, net, masking tape and drawer liner on foil windscreen covering. I will post the printing results.

Barbara chatting to Rita whilst our Cistercian monk looks on. We always invite a Cistercian monk to our meetings.

We meet at Forge Mill Needle Museum which also has the ruins of a Cistercian Abbey in its grounds. This is not the same abbey as in the previous post, although it does seem that Cistercian monks feature strongly in my life at the moment.

More printing is to go on during a three day artist’s books and printmaking course my daughter and myself are off to tomorrow at the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists, so I daresay more print woffle will follow. It’s lino/vinyl cuts and drypoint we’ll be doing, and experimenting with artist book constructions, excellent.

And, phew, to finish here is a completed embroidery, a commission, called, aptly, ‘Summer’.

It’s quite large, A1 size. I had to go to Lion Framing Supplies in Birmingham to buy an A0 mountboard for it. That was a floppy beast in the car, I can tell you.

3 thoughts on “Printing and more printing.

  1. I do love the printing but I’m mostly chuckling to myself about the monk – you are witty! 🙂

  2. I always think it is so important to have some kind of dignitary at a meeting – and a holy man is just the biscuit. I love the commission and please show us some prints from your coallgraph. Like you I ahve read about it, fancied doing it, but just now quite made time. Hope you and Chloe are having a fantastic time, you lucky things – sounds a great course! – H xx

  3. Thanks Claire, we’ve been meeting in that room for about 3 years and he still gives me a start every so often. We’re moving to another venue soon though so I may have to kidnap him and take him with us.
    Hi Hils, all done and delivered now? I’ll have to finish the collagraph now I’ve rabbited on about it, so I’ll post the result.
    The course is great, I love being a student. I’ve done some prints but they are going to be used in a textile way for my artist’s book; I just can’t keep them as plain old prints. We’ve done two days and the third day is on Monday. I didn’t want to come home; I haven’t felt so chilled for years.

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