Three great days

Last Friday, Saturday and Monday my daughter and I took part in a print and artists’ books workshop at the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists gallery. It was led by Paul Hipkiss who is a successful printmaker; he makes wonderful lino, vinyl and collagraph prints. He had one accepted into the Royal Academy Summer Show this year too.

It was great to be a student and spend those days learning and working in such a good atmosphere. I knew some of the other students, eventually it gets to be a small world if you live in one place all your life, and the group was friendly and hard working.

We stitched a book, and made a hard backed cover for it, and then tried different printmaking techniques. I did some drypoint work as I wanted to use the printing press, and definitely want to do more. I have drawn out a vinyl cut to work on too. I painted and over printed some of my drypoint prints to use in a book project I had in mind. It moved on much more quickly than I had thought; it will be a volume in a series about the seasons, about A3 size, with print, text, collage and stitch.

I printed out some scanned images from the drypoint prints on acetate and used the computer for my text too, and began my usual cutting and assembling. I will actually keep some prints as actual prints though. Of course I now need a printing press…

Some drawings of toad lilies and my vinyl tile drawn out, ready for cutting.

Work in progress.

Some book pages emerging, a long way from finished but moving forward.

One of the pages with an altered drypoint image of a moth.

Five hawk moths and hosta leaf prints, with text.

An acetate moth.

And the start of a hedge, made from printed papers and acetate.

I’m pleased to say my ‘Architectural Landscapes’ course is booking up well at the RBSA. It should be good creative fun, constructing textile and mixed media works based on buildings or elements of architecture. We will play with and explore simple shapes and pattern so no one needs to draw amazingly well. I have a range of my work to use as examples, from  pieces based on Baroque stonework to pared down views of buildings in Italy, and a personal exploration of windows and arches.

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