Architectural work in progress

I’m working on two new pieces for the course on architectural landscapes that I’m teaching soon. I use elements of buildings a fair amount in my work, from Baroque stone basins to church architecture and richly coloured tiles and mosaics, but these are rare pieces in that they are entirely based upon buildings. This could become an interesting habit. They are based upon two photographs I took in Florence, one of Ponte Vecchio and the other of a courtyard. I have used the concept of courtyards before, and want to develop that idea further. My tendency is to enjoy breaking images down into a series of shapes, then constructing the work in appliqued, painted calico. Detail and texture are added using stitch. I’ll take these to the Festival of Quilts to work on on my stand, as there I am indeed designated a ‘quilter in action’.

One of the drawings of the Ponte Vecchio, breaking the scene down into simple shapes. I especially like the way the building is propped up.

The piece laid down, ready for stitched detail to be added. it’s A2 sized. I want to keep it cool and spare.

One of the drawings of the courtyard piece, all based on one photograph, where I have isolated elements I want to use.

The laid down piece, appliqued painted calico on painted black cotton This is A2 sized too. I hope to make some smaller pieces for use in future book projects too, although small doesn’t come easily to me.

I’m working on a piece based upon stone carvings of Baroque style leaves which is now tying in nicely, after much wrangling, with my latest book project. It’s spent a fair amount of time sorting itself, but I’ll hopefully be working on it tomorrow so will post it’s progress. Off to tend the lunch, we have visitors arriving soon.