Brief but more to follow.

Well day three at the Festival of Quilts is over, and I can honestly say it’s been amazing. I was going to blog at the end but Linda Kemshall has made me feel both inadequate and guilty as she has blogged whilst working at the show and she’s been in a gala fashion show, modelling the clothes she and Laura have made. They are beautiful and so well tailored, though they deny this.


My pictures are not brilliant, as they are taken in low light before the show starts, and my poor old camera doesn’t do low light that well [well I’m blaming it, not me of course.] Here is one of their outfits, featuring beautiful images of birds. Those girls can certainly draw, as well as paint, sew, design, etc, makes you sick really.There will be much better images on their blog, but I have a couple more I will post on Monday.

This is my daughter Chloe by her quilt, which I thought looked beautifully simple and poised, and got some really good remarks from the judges. She’s been helping me on my stand, a picture of which I will post asap.

And this is one of my friend Hilary Beattie’s quilts, which of course I love. It is beautifully made, and her two other quilts in other sections of the show were both Highly Commended; I’ll feature those soon.

And finally this is me, looking a bit pleased to say the least, as I was both amazed and gratified to win the Quilt Creations section with my book ‘The Stone Bird’, bless it.


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  1. Congratulations to you and your daughter!!! Thanks for posting photos, being in the States is so frustrating when something so wonderful is going on there. The Kemshall’s are amazing, aren’t they? They have more talent in their little finger that I have in both my hands. Enjoy your day!

  2. Stef – it was lovely to see you again and congratulations on ‘The Stone Bird’. I feel rather blessed to know such a lovely, talented person as yourself.

    The show was amazing. I was only there for a day but could easily have managed 2!

    I hope you are not too exhausted.

  3. You have every right to look chuffed old bean – quite an achievement, and about time too I say. Thank you for the picture of those alliums – nice to see it as I did not manage to get a decent photo before they had to travel to the NEC. Nice to see Chloe in front of her/my! lovely quilt – your maternal bosom must be heaving with pride – Hxx

  4. Hello The Hilarys!
    Hil G, many thanks for your complements, what a pity you were only there for a day. It needs to run for a week, to see and do all one can. I am strangely not tired, which is handy as I’m teaching for two days from tomorrow. Hope we meet again soon. Steph.

    Hi Hils, hope all was well on your journey home, and you managed to extract your coat from the NEC system. If not the security guys are probably still wearing it. There’s more of you, or rather your quilt, on my blog now. It’s a right old ramble of a post. Chloe is still thrilled re her quilt, although I had planned to hang it at home, I’m glad it’s gone somewhere better. Hope Stephen liked it. Let’s start next year’s now, shall we, to prevent possible breakdowns. Bet I don’t though.

  5. I’m so pleased that ‘Stone Bird’ was given the credit that it deserved. I couldn’t get near you when I passed your stand to say how much I appreciated the way you blogged about it’s development – though it didn’t prepare me for the power of the book when I saw it in the flesh.

    I took several photo’s of your daughter’s quilt too, though I hadn’t realised that you were related. A well balanced, well constructed piece – future competition for Mum?

  6. Hi Linda,
    Thank you for your complements, for myself and Chloe. I hope she continues to make the larger pieces; she seems to be concentrating on very small work now. I’ll have to pester her but as you say I could just be making trouble for myself…Steph.

  7. Hi Jeannie,
    Thanks for your comment, sorry you couldn’t be here. Sorry about the delay in replying but you were residing in the wrong place [spam, don’t know why] Best Wishes, Steph.

  8. Just back from hols and lots to catch up on…hearty congratulations on that shiny gold winners plaque 🙂 BTW I saw Kaffe last year and felt like responding exactly as you did!

    1. Thanks Claire, it’s been a busy but wonderful time recently. I’m spending some time drawing and collaging in the garden now as a break. I’ve hardly been outside for ages! Steph.

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