A day in Lichfield

I haven’t been to Lichfield for years; it’s about an hour on a local  train line that runs virtually from where I live straight to Lichfield, so a friend and I went for a day out. It was very relaxed and peaceful, and we talked solidly all day, doing culture and shopping as we chatted.

The cathedral is magnificent, in a quiet close with a really good little tea shop, to which we went twice, before and after a visit to the cathedral.

It has three spires, and was built between 1195 – 1330, although there was a series of churches on the site from 700 AD. It is having repairs and stained glass conservation, and at some point a little brush up outside, hopefully. It’s in a quiet, virtually traffic free area, but I imagine that many years of atmospheric pollution dirty the stone.

More fodder for architectural influences in my work.

Beautiful doors on the western facade.

Like all cathedrals the first view of the interior makes you gasp.

There’s loads of inspiring detail in the building of course. I loved this ancient wall painting.

We went to Eramus Darwin’s house too. This is a view of part of the herb garden and one of the houses surrounding the courtyard at the back of the house. He was Charles Darwin’s grandfather, a doctor, scientist and poet. He also fathered many children but my admiration is always for the mothers rather than the fathers, especially since one  woman had about 11 children over two marriages.

A view of the cathedral from his library window. We also went to Samuel Johnson’s house, where he was born in 1709. It was a bookshop then and still is.

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  1. Hi Shelagh, there were such glorious vistas inside of archways juxtaposed or going into the distance, it would be a life’s work to deal with them, you know what cathedrals are like. Outside there were more too, slightly more crumbly and decrepit, and wonderfully mysterious and evocative.Great blog, I’ll add it to my list, and you are welcome to add mine too. Book looks stunning, you’ve done so much of it! Steph.

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