The Moth Pages

My new piece of work is ‘The Moth Pages’, which started as quite a gothic and dark hanging, inspired and influenced by Baroque architectural elements. It didn’t have enough of a purpose, so I decided to cut it into portions, to construct a hanging book. It then grew as I decided to base it on the lime hawk-moth, so there was more content to include.It’s quite large now, as seems usual for me; give me the space and I’ll fill it. The centre portion is ready to be machine stitched, and I’m working on the outer areas. When I have printed out my words properly I’ll see how they look and start to add more elements in the form of more detailed moths and lime leaves.

It’s been quite a slow job but it’s moving on ok now. I’m looking forward to the stitching both by machine and hand; it really needs that detail and texture, and I do like stitched khadi paper.

Here are some of the moths, which are appliqued silk on painted calico. The large one is about 25 cm wide, the smaller ones about 10/11 cm, larger than life sized.

And here it is, pinned roughly to the wall and held together with masking tape, with the draft copies of the words stuck on to see where they look best. There is much work to be done to the layout of the outer area. It’s on A3 sized pieces of khadi paper.

8 thoughts on “The Moth Pages

  1. I love the top picture of the large & small moths & the one leaving the formation. My goodness you do work quick. I have spent pennies (nay pounds) on ink with stoppers in the hopes of mastering splashes; In the garden when it does eventually stop raining, although I actually am exploring splashing & scratching through with an old credit card, interesting textures…

    1. Many thanks Susan, I just wish I could make them as beautiful as the real thing. I’ll be adding some stitch detail later on today, so I’ll post a finished moth too. Steph.

  2. I ,love those moths Steph – they are exquisitely observed …. I’m especially fond of the naughty boy (Morris) who is flying out of formation at the top left of your photo! – H xx

    1. Yes, I hadn’t noticed, but he’s definitely off, isn’t he? He’ll be just as naughty in the real thing too. There’s always one.
      Thanks for the lovely cards Hil, Chlo was really pleased. Can you e mail your address to me? I know I’ve had it before but although I do my best, I’m not good at admin.Stephxx

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