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My embroiderer friend Sue came to the studio on Friday on a sort of creative retreat, albeit for only a few short hours. It was good being with someone for a change. I don’t mind working alone, but the right person visiting every so often is something to look forward to. We talked all the time, but work was done. Here are some images of her and her sketchbook, followed by what I was up to.

She’s a very skilled machine embroiderer and card designer.

Although she was working in a sketchbook many of the pages could have been framed.

I loved theses pages.

I’m working on some new bird pieces. I thought I’d not want to use a bird image for a long time after I finished The Stone Bird, but actually I do. Which is handy really, as I need to do these pieces for an exhibition and to take to the Beautiful Birds course I’m teaching in October. I was hoping to take the actual Stone Bird book, but it’s developed a life independent of myself. It’s on a tour of the three Knitting and Stitching shows happening soon at Alexandra Palace, Harrogate and Dublin. So I thought I’d better do a bird piece as an example to take to the course, but such was my need to include more avians  it’s developed into three pieces.

Here’s the background to the first piece. I’m still very interested in monochrome forest imagery, but with these bird pieces the birds and foliage will be colourful. It’s A2 size.

This is a selection of fabrics and acetate I will use. The acetate is printed with a photo I took of a neighbours shrub, covered in fabulous black plump berries. I was intending to start the bird pieces soon but this image really got things going.

Some of the birds and drawings of  foliage shapes I will use in the three pieces. I have three frames ready, all black, so hopefully the work will look suitably dramatic.

2 thoughts on “Studio sharing

  1. Hi Steph, I find playdays so inspiring, just dont get enough of them. Your friends sketchbook page is wonderful, such a good idea to do a collage then draw it, thanks for the inspiration

  2. Hi Shelagh,
    She certainly had some great work in that pad. It’s good to have days working with another artist, you’re right. It keeps things lighter and after days of working alone it’s fun to be with someone. I hope it happens regularly now.

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