The first of the three bird pictures is moving on; it features two sunbirds, birds I discovered when doing The Stone Bird book. I wanted some tropical birds to go with my bulbul, and they needed to come from the same area. Both of these species birds live in Malaysia.

I drew new sunbirds, and they are rather larger than life, but there we are. It’s strange that it feels ok to make a large bird smaller to fit your scheme, but making tiny birds varying degrees of larger is slightly weird. Or perhaps that’s just me…

Here they are. I make and stitch the birds separately, using a variety of fabrics appliqued onto a base fabric. The background is appliqued and machine stitched, and the birds are stitched on when the hand stitching begins. In this image the male is finished but the female has only just been appliqued, and placed on the piece for the photograph.

She is a combination of silks, the tiny pieces applied with tweezers.

Stitching the leaves. They are acetate, which behaves well when being machine stitched, but I find it a bit of a plod to hand stitch [guess what I’ve been doing tonight.]

And a closer view. I’ll post a picture when it’s finished. I’ve started the next one today in the studio, after a session of painting and printing with an eccentric collagraph I made some time ago. I’m amazed I got around to using it, I feared it would sit there forever making me feel inadequate, but the time was right, I imagine. I’ll post some images of the fabrics asap.

2 thoughts on “Sunbirds

  1. I love the monochrome background to these sunbirds Stephanie. They are like small jewels sitting on top of it, almost like hummingbirds. I can’t wait to see what your ‘eccentric collagraph’ looks like!

  2. Hello Lesley,
    Many thanks for your comment. I hope you enjoy the eccentric collographs; it’s the plate rather than the prints that’s eccentric; I did make it very quickly but I do like the results.

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