A jacana, two sunbirds and Lady Amherst’s pheasant

The second and third bird pictures I’m making moved on a little more yesterday; in fact Lady Amherst’s pheasant is machine stitched and now at home waiting to be finished with hand stitch. That’s in the previous post, looking ghostly. It has such a complex background that it won’t need too much stitch, although the bird will be a fair amount of work. I’ve just remembered that I have seen one of these birds, in an aviary, not in the wild, unfortunately. I can’t remember where, but it did have that lovely tail.

The jacana piece has just a little more machining to be added, then the hand stitch. This is quite a big piece, and the three birds on it will be hand stitched first, as usual, then added.

The two small sun birds have a silk background, bondawebbed onto lutradur, to which I am adding small applique pices of fabric. Here is the male with his pattern pieces.

Here are the pair of sunbirds on the bamboo. They look a little blank, poor things, without their eyes and stitched detail.

And here’s the jacana picking its way across the lily pads, albeit legless, at the moment. The piece is about 120 cm long, at a guess; I hope I’m not like the fisherman describing the size of his catch…

3 thoughts on “A jacana, two sunbirds and Lady Amherst’s pheasant

  1. Hi Steph – I see you are hard at it again – it’s all looking beautiful, as always and I am shocked how many blog posts you have made in the last week or so – just behave yourself …. it makes the rest of us look so bad! I don’t seem to be able to leave a message on Chloes blog at the momnet, so do please pass on to her, that there is a picture of her(my!!) quilt at FOQ in the latest Patchwork and Quilting magazine – clever girl. Also picture of Stone Bird – he is popping up everywhere, as he most certainly should, so well done you too – H xx.

  2. I know Hil, I don’t know what’s come over me, I’ll give everyone a break for a while I think. I do have more blog activity lined up though, not birds but a new project.
    Thanks for letting Chloe and I know about the quilt, I ‘phoned her immediately as she was out. She was thrilled. I’ll buy the magazine for her tomorrow.
    I have been checking your blog, and will do so again in a moment. Will I be disappointed once again? No pressure…
    I will e mail properly this weekend, although I have done nothing exciting to entertain and amuse you. Sxx

  3. Oh dear – fraid you’ll be disappointed old bean – and I can’t even say I’ve been working today … no indeed – shopping instead. I am so ashamed of myself, but am resloved to do better, and have planned a blog (now there is an expression of the current times) on Sunday. After that, obviously I will improve massively. Actually, I might, as I finished that huge pink quilt this week, so will finally have some undeadlined time – yippee xx

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