Knitting and Stitching at Ally Pally

It was good to go to the K&S at AP again, but when I’ve finished there I always want to stay in London for a while longer; the British Museum and the V&A are calling. I wasn’t able to unfortunately, but I did enjoy the show. I like the FoQ better I must say, as there are more exhibition areas and galleries, and I like the NEC;  it’s  so local too, for me.

Here’s the window in the Great Hall. just in case you’ve never been there. A grand room, full of shopping opportunities. I don’t knit, and of course there were a lot of woolly shops; the friend I went with [Sue] does knit so we perused most of them, and I developed a huge attraction to Merino wool. I didn’t buy any but it was beautiful, particularly the space dyed skeins.

However, there were some good gallery areas.

It was  good to see Jilli Blackwood’s work there, and the paper constructions of Jiyoung Chung, which were were beautifully constructed, subtle, layered, bold and elegant.

And I enjoyed the fabric designs of the women designers at the Silver Studio in London, 1910 – 1940. Women designers were rare; the studio produced many floral and then more modern pattern based designs from the 1920s onwards.

There were gorgeous samples and drawings of the designs and the repeat patterns on display. No computer programmes needed…

I love to look at patterned fabric design, although I don’t use such fabrics in my work, I can see the attraction of all that luscious colour and pattern.

And here’s me by my Stone Bird book, which is travelling around the three K&S shows. Twisted Thread had done a very good job in displaying it behind perspex, so my thanks to Liz, their curator.

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  1. Thanks Hilary, I don’t think I deserve too many thanks as I feel I didn’t cover enough of the show, but it was just to record a few impressions. It’s a pity we only get to see some of these exhibits once, they require more concentrated viewing than I can manage on a day out.

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