Knowing when to stop

Not in general, although that’s a good thing to know, which many of us probably don’t, in many ways. But apart from that cod philosophy, I meant stitching. I made myself finish the last big bird piece, which features a jacana and two sunbirds, and like most big pieces it had an endless appetite for hand stitches, so I had to be firm and say that’s enough. And The Moth Pages is being similarly demanding in swallowing whatever I can throw at it, or at least prod into it. On the other hand it could be me, and not these innocent works. No wonder then that my stitches are getting bigger and bigger…

Here’s the bird piece, Light and Shade III, air and water. It’s just under 1m x 50cm.

Here’s the jacana, walking on water and lily pads. I have a ¬†Brazilian student in my ceramics class who was amused that so much of my work is based upon the rainforest, since I’ve always lived in Birmingham and have never visited it. However, I’ve been to quite a few botanical gardens so I hope that counts. One day the jungle.

A close up.

And another.

5 thoughts on “Knowing when to stop

  1. It’s such a difficult one isn’t it? If you stop, you wonder of you are just rushing/meeting deadline/being lazy, but if you continue, you feel you may be overdoing it/wastong time/missing deadline ……. I’m with you on this one. It’s also so true that as you stitch a series of pieces, each one in turn seems to get more and more stiytches! – Weird stuff this stitching – be nice to just say it doesn’t matter, but I think it maybe does – bugger! Let us know when you find an answer Steph – Hils xxx

  2. Hils, I fear I will never find an answer, as I am getting less able to decide when I have reasonably done enough as I go on. I seemed to decide this sort of thing much more decisively a few years ago. Poor old soul. I imagine that’s why those traditional quilts end up with millions of stitches. The thing is I do like the densely stitched look but sometimes the plan is not matched with the required amount of energy and application…

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