Birds at the Bramble Patch

I’m back  from teaching a two day ‘Beautiful Birds’ workshop at the Bramble Patch in Northamptonshire, which was as enjoyable as ever. I had some great students and the range and skill of the work produced  was wonderful, especially as some of the students felt somewhat out of their comfort zone. You couldn’t tell this by looking at their work. I’ve posted here work in progress by each person.

Here’s the gorgeous Gilli with her magpie piece, which will have many leaves added to it and will look even more fantastic when it’s finished. Look out for it at next year’s Festival of Quilts.

Catriona is making a small flock of sanderlings for a beautiful beach scene, which is part of her City and Guilds work. This is the first little chap she was happy with after some experimenting. He was beautiful, and now I want to make a beach themed piece.

Here’s Hilary looking happily at her heron. He was such a character. Have you noticed how happy they all look?

Elaine’s elegant great tit. I loved her choice of background.

Helen is a stalwart old timer on my courses and always does such uplifting and vibrant work.

Helen [we had 2] made this elegant and beautifully constructed avocet, and  her choice of the background and other batik fabrics really inspired me.

Jennie’s green woodpecker was a lovely piece of work due to her choice of subtle exact greens and just the right amount of detailing. There will be a background of tall trees and acetate printed fir cone images.

I have become extremely fond of Bridget’s African kingfisher; she handled the mix of vibrant colours so well too.

A mix of printed and painted paper and fabric, bark paper and cleverly chosen colours and stitches for the sparrow make this piece so special I don’t think Heather believed how much I liked it.

Anne’s glorious crane, showing off in a snow storm. She chose such perfect subtle colours for the bird and layered the feathers brilliantly.

Here’s Angie with her two jolly bee eaters, lovely shapes and bold colours. Later a jungle background developed too, it will be beautiful when it’s finished. Hopefully she will post it on her blog. [see side panel for link.]

And to finish, a view of the class.

8 thoughts on “Birds at the Bramble Patch

  1. Looks like a wonderful, inspiring weekend Steph. What a great body of work by everyone. They are all so different but I do like the Great Tit and the Sparrow designs. If I had to choose a personal favourite it would be that magnificent crane, subject of an article in my latest RSPB magazine. What a stunning background and clever use of colour. They are wonderful, majestic birds and this work does them justice. To see all these birds emerge with such skill must give you a great buzz as the workshop tutor.

  2. Thanks Steph. i had a really great time and moved on loads with my ideas. I’ve even got into embellishing and now a fan of beads and stitching! My leaves are looking great. Really inspiring and great fun too…

  3. Oh – much confusion – another Hilary! Funny how you go through life hardly meeting any at all and then suddenly Hilarys pop up on Stephanie Redfern courses! (I met the wonderful Hilary Beatie at your course earlier in the year Steph – and i was the other one on that course).

    Really sorry I missed this – work got in the way! Perhaps another time (though to be honest birds are not quite my thing.) the work looks wonderful and inspirational and I’ll watch out for Angies piece.

    Hilary G

    1. I am indeed blessed with Hilarys! You may fancy next year’s course[s] Hilary, one of which will probably be based on landscape, which is of course a usefully large subject. Steph.

  4. When are you coming to Australia to teach ‘Beautiful Birds’? They all look wonderful! I really like your blog. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Thanks Deb, I’m pleased you like the blog. They did such good work on that course didn’t they? I wouldn’t mind a little trip to Australia either, I’d love to see some of your bird life too. Steph.

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