The Earth Turning

I’ve only had a couple of days in the studio this week due to teaching but I have managed to complete and machine stitch the elements for my recycled/upcycled work White Noise, and lay down two small commission pieces. I then found myself able to get on with a book I started during the summer as a result of going on a printmaking and artists’ books course at the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists gallery.

I had made quite a few dry point prints and had a lot of material to use and some mostly completed pages, constructed from painted paper, printed paper, the dry points, and painted fabrics. It has a different look to my previous books and is actually a volume in a series of artist’s books based on the seasons, with the umbrella title being The Earth Turning.

Here’s all the material and text laid out on the table. I’m very happy to be able to sort all this out, it’s been nibbling at me, sitting there under the table in what can accurately be described as a bit of a heap.

Another view, lots to work on here.

This book is based on late summer moving into autumn.

More printed and constructed pages.

I like the fluorescent light reflections, a proper photographer would hate them.

Most of the book is now constructed, it’s in a neat orderly pile waiting to be finished with machine and hand stitch. I do have a vinyl cut to do for it though, which is of a Japanese toad lily, which I’m sure will also appear in other work.






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4 thoughts on “The Earth Turning

  1. Hi Steph, Oh I wish I had a huge layout table like yours. If it were me (oh to have that body of work – envious) I would crop the picture with the light marks and print it out onto fabric & use it within the work, I agree with you the light makes such an energetic mark. You have such good titles for your work, does it take long to come up with them or does the preliminary work ‘speak’ to you?
    I am still faffing with the naughty samples!

  2. Shelagh I love that table, although it’s actually 2 Ikeas with some mdf on top that I painted to make it look smart. Good idea re the picture too, I may give it a go, although the book is nearly finished now. I could use it in other work though.
    I like thinking of titles, it comes from a childhood of writing weird poems probably.
    Keep faffing!

  3. It’s so satisfying to get your teeth into finishing something off isn’t it? And it looks great for it 🙂

    1. Hi Claire,
      I must admit it was good to have time to sort out the pile of stuff I had accumulated. I had so many ‘useful’ prints after the course too, even the dodgy ones could be cut up and used. All I have to do now is finish the four projects I have on the go…I admire the way you start a painting and actually finish it, no putting it under the table.

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