Not that there is any frost around here just yet, the weather has been decidedly mushy, that is, wet and warmish, certainly for November. However, I’ve just finished two small pieces which are commissions, and a larger piece which has a space on the easel in the window of the RBSA Gallery here in Birmingham for the next couple of months. They are all frosty pieces. I hope they celebrate winter, which can be astonishingly beautiful, if uncomfortable at times. I bought a parka yesterday to see me through the colder days;I like walking in the cold better than the heat. I just need some waterproof boots now.

This is Midnight Frost, which is about A4 size.

And this is Morning Frost, the companion piece to the one above.

This is Night Frost, a bigger chap at about A1 size, which will be off to the RBSA tomorrow.

All images copyright Stephanie Redfern 2011.

4 thoughts on “Frost

  1. Delighted to see Sammy making a welcome return Steph – he has been much missed. Nice to see hijm centre stage too, rather than wandering off the edge – but as before, the name is a puzzle …. did you mean Night Swan(frosty)?? – H xx

  2. It’s true – swans can be a tad temperamental – but you have obviously appealed to Sammy’s artsitic sensibilities there – very cunning xx

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