Night Frost in the window.

I put my latest piece of work, Night Frost, up on the easel in the window of the RBSA Gallery in Birmingham on Sunday. I didn’t have my camera so my husband took this image using his ‘phone. It’s a wonderful mass of reflections; you may just be able to spot the picture! It actually shows up very well in real life but I so love how the camera records everything, from so many reflected elements to Connie and Helen in the gallery. I could have cropped it, but I liked it as a piece of journalism.

I was able to have a preview of Robert Perry’s new show whilst at the gallery. He’s an RBSA Member who is famous, having been on tv [in Coast and in a programme about the Royal Academy summer show] and has had a big show at Birmingham Art Gallery too, as well as a permanent work there and undoubtedly in many other places. He works incredibly hard and is an inspiration. He takes his travelling art -van to France and has done so much thoughtful and touching work on battle sites of WW1, and also his home turf of the Midlands. His latest work is based on an engine, and it’s amazing. The engine block in question is there in the gallery too, cleverly juxtaposed with the work. The show is on until November 19th.

As it was a stunning sunny day [not mushy] we went to the Botanical Gardens, so here is a not at all subtle view. I particularly like that bright yellow tree. I shall be back there soon photographing the Japanese garden for a future project.

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  1. Its a fab photo, I love the jounalism and would be wonderful as part of a piece of work on that theme, can see your husband as well, I really like the piece of work and in that window I know it will be a stunner

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