Avoncroft workshop

I’ve been teaching at Avoncroft  Arts Society this week, a very pleasant place just outside Bromsgrove in Worcestershire. The textile group who meet there chose my ‘Design from Nature’ workshop, and did one day this week with another to follow in December.

It was a most enjoyable day; the food was wonderful! Spicy pumpkin soup, home made bread, cheeses, cardamom and chocolate and orange cake. After lunch fortunately I gave a painting and printing demonstration which kept me from having a little nap; I don’t usually stop for lunch, as if I sit down during the day my brain sees this as a signal to doze, whatever the time.

These are just a couple of general shots of the course. Some excellent work is developing, which I shall document fully after day two, and everyone will be included then.

This was after lunch too, no one was asleep, which is always a relief as a tutor.

This is Jenny, who paints beautifully and also made the bread. I make my own bread but was really impressed with hers, she only uses fresh yeast so I’m going to try that now too.

This is Valleri, Sue and Sue. They are all developing some really interesting work.

And here is Dorothy and Gail, working on a  woodlands theme and ferns respectively.

My painting and printing demos yield a small mix of painted fabric and paper whenever I do them; I tend to use the first colours I pick up and this time the group decided it was knicker pink that resulted, in some quantity, from my first mix. I then used a couple of other colours on the pieces and declared it would be an interesting challenge to make a piece of work just from those pieces of paper and fabric. I often do use my demo pieces , even though they are quite often decidedly weird, and not what I would normally do. Generally they have several techniques all piled onto the same unfortunate piece of material.

So as a treat after a lot of machine stitching yesterday, I got out the ‘samples’, peeled them apart as I had packed them wet, and laid down a piece of work on a woodland theme, which is as autumnal as the time of year and features leaf prints of  Avoncroft leaves too.

Here are my demo pieces: acrylic paint on cotton, printed curtain fabric, a monoprint, a piece of map, a book page, some khadi paper and a toothpaste tube.

This is the work I have made from the samples, not stitched yet. It is on khadi paper, and is about 70cm x 40cm. Even knicker pink fabric, if cut up enough, can have a place in our lives.

9 thoughts on “Avoncroft workshop

  1. Thanks Annabel; your comment must be the quickest ever posted, I’d only just that minute put the post on the blog! I enjoyed making the work, I was tempted to make it vaguely oriental…

  2. You’re on the email thingy and just popped up in my inbox whilst I was ferreting for an address….but I like to break world records; it’s a hobby (vbg) M’knickers is black too and jumbo in size; possibly talking king sized duvet here.

  3. I love that you don’t waste a pick! That’s probably one of the reasons you are so prolific in your work, most of my samples go into a sketchbook but I’m really going to try & use them now.

  4. Hi Jacqui,
    I have so much painted fabric now I shouldn’t need to do more, but still have to to get the right thing. But it’s fun to use the demo pieces as they are so random, and indeed bad, at times,so I like the challenge!

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