Earth, Sea, Sky.

My daughter Chloe and I have set up our exhibition at Solihull Library, which is now open from today up to and indeed including Saturday 26th November. We will be there this Friday and Saturday too from 11 – 3. It’s called Earth, Sea, Sky; we thought as a title for our exhibition that would just about cover everything we base our work upon.

It’s a big space with seven wall areas of differing sizes, and as you will see from the images, difficult to photograph; [ really, that is a reason, not an excuse…]

Here’s one view, Chloe’s work is on the far wall. The walls don’t list, just me.

This is a long stretch of wall, my black framed bird embroideries are quite big.

More walls and work.

Chloe’s paintings.

Another wall with a textile piece and some lino cut prints of mine. The lighting is good, which is a relief. I always think it helps if people can actually see the work.


10 thoughts on “Earth, Sea, Sky.

  1. This looks like a wonderful exhibition, I wish it were nearer to me. I’d also love to do one of your courses as I love your work, but again, need to think about travel logistics!

  2. Thank you for showing the exhibition Steph. The work is beautifully presented & I wish that your exhibition was on for longer to enable me to visit. Good luck to both of you, I hope that you make mega sales.

  3. How lovely for your daughter and you to exhibit together. I cannot see the pictures that well for some reason but I bet it’s a great exhibition. Hope it is successful for both of you.

  4. Well done you girlies – this looks just wonderful. I love the way the work is presented and mounted in some cases …. it must add to the cost, but it sets it off brilliantly. I shall be picking your brains at some point about where/how/details of how this is done. Hope you get lots of visitors and interest – I’m sure you will – H xx

  5. Love that you are doing something together with your daughter. Did you hand colour the lino prints? I can’t quite see if they’re coloured or not but look great with your other pieces – such a talented lady!

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