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Well, it’s been one of those adjacent sort of days. I was in Birmingham having the morning off to stroll through the German Christmas market early on its first day, a little tradition of mine, and to go to see ‘Lost in Lace’, an exhibition in the Art Gallery. Whilst in Waterstone’s I spotted a book by an illustrator friend of my daughter’s, his version of Aladdin in cut out and layered pages. It’s so good; he is very sweet and I can see why he hardly goes out when he’s working on a book; the detail is amazing. He’s called Niroot Puttapipat, and has done a lot of other beautiful work too. The see through, layered thing got me thinking, as I’m developing different approaches for a new piece of work for a big show next year at the RBSA Galleries here in Birmingham. So the Lost in Lace exhibition was perfect in continuing to gestate these embryonic ideas.

But less about me, and more about it. If you can, see this show. It is quite simply amazing.

It looks magnificent in the large elegant Gas Hall, as many of the artists chose to work specifically with the space. It is a touring show I believe, but I don’t know where its off to next. I shall go again as often as I can before it disappears.



2 thoughts on “See – through

  1. Wish I could see that exhibition, looks fantastic. I’ve been ruminating about layers & transparency too – I want to try & use the natural light from the RBSA window so have been experimenting with silks & shadow applique. Just means the back has to be as good as the front!

  2. Hi Jacqui,
    I remember that’s what you were planning for the RBSA, it’s a pity you can’t see the lace show, but it will be touring I think. So, when you’re back here you may be able to catch up with it; it would be perfect for you.

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