Quite a lot of flowers and the autumn book moves on.

I have possibly too many projects going at the same time, but they are all moving in the right direction. I have finished The Moth Pages, a large hanging on khadi paper, and it’s waiting to be backed and strung together. Then I am completing the hand stitching on the two up/re/whatever cycled pieces, the work I call Thrift and Alchemy. These will then be assembled when completed.

The Moth Pages is in a queue for the table at the studio though, because on that very object I am making the late summer/autumn book from The Earth Turning series. All of this happens because I work at the studio and at home, doing different tasks in each place. I hope to finish something soon…

I have thought that The Earth Turning should actually be called The Earth Tilting, as turning is  diurnal, but tilting is seasonal. I shall have a Think.

So, here are some images from The Earth Doing Its Thing; I’ll post a few more later in the week.

This is a print block made from funky foam on a bit of plastic. It’s about 20 cm [8 inches] across. I did intend to make it as a lino cut but the hand became weary and had other ideas, so, this was quicker and works very well too. It’s a toad lily flower, which flowers late into autumn in my garden, and is very beautiful. It is tiny however, not 20 cm in diameter in real life.

And here are lots of prints for the book. In fact I only need two for the book, but the rest will be useful in some other work. I will add more spots using paint and beads, as the flowers are very freckled.

This moth is actually a dry point print I did during the summer, and he features throughout the book, in print form and also resized and printed on acetate using the computer.

Here’s the initial layout of a double page spread using the moth and some leaves in a variety of fabrics and printed paper. The pages are A3 sized.

Here he is again in small sized multiples, printed on acetate, on some printed canvas. No stitching or finishing has been done.

This moth is also printed on acetate and has been in a previous book, Into the Cacao Grove.

In my next post I’ll show some images of the more botanically based pages.

All images copyright Stephanie Redfern, all rights reserved.

2 thoughts on “Quite a lot of flowers and the autumn book moves on.

  1. I love your toad lily flower prints. I use the fun foam for printing a lot.
    I also love the dry point print of the moth. I’m not really familiar with the method; I had to look it up on the net.
    Is it difficult to learn and what did you use as your etching material if you don’t mind me asking.

  2. Hi Holly,
    I’m not experienced at dry point but in the workshop I went to we used a sheet of perspex. I used oil based printing ink and a press, as there was one there. It is not impossible to print these without a press I believe, but ideally one should be used. The tool I used was a sharpened burin.

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