A few studio views and volume one of The Earth Turning nearly done.

No need to write more than the title then, but being me, I will. Sorry, no escape. I’ve been plodding on with the construction and machine stitching of the autumn volume of The Earth Turning, so now it’s hand stitching and putting together to do, and a cover, which I haven’t designed yet.

Here are a couple of images of the later pages, followed by some studio images. Actually and disappointingly it looks tidier in the pictures than it is in real life. There is evidence of too many projects on the go though; I obviously think that pinning things to the wall means I am working on them. Well, I am I suppose, but in my head. Ideally at some point they will be removed from the wall and actually finished.

A double page spread, craftily using an already completed embroidery from last year, but which was ideal for this book.

A landscape image close to the end of the book. Collaged prints and fabrics, no stitch as yet.

On this wall are some pieces I am considering putting into the ‘Orientation’ exhibition next September and on its tour during 2013. See SiX and Friends on the right.

The end wall is now in view showing early ‘Flowerpecker’ ideas and samples pinned up. On the table is ‘The Earth Turning.’

On the floor in a plastic bag behind the hemp bag is ‘The Moth Pages’, waiting to be put together.

The pile of Earth Turning finished [machine stitched at least] pages is growing. Under the table are at least three other projects brewing. This is what happens when after many cramped years you have a good space to work in at last; lovely, but I must beware of starting anything else before finishing a couple of these projects. And the ‘Thrift and Alchemy’ pieces are waiting to be mounted too. All this and I’m going out today as it’s my birthday; I feel no guilt.


11 thoughts on “A few studio views and volume one of The Earth Turning nearly done.

  1. Stephers – HAPPY BIRTHDAY – you birthday bean. Am appalled that I didn’t know – I now officially owe you one collage of George, that was promised ages ago as a birthday present – please forward photo. The work on the walls of the studio looks just gorgeous – I do love a nice studio shot to study at leisure. You are such a talented girl … one day I will sneak in to that studio and look at all that loveliness first hand. Have a fabbydosy birthday _ Hils xxxx

  2. Happy Birthday Steph! I don’t suppose you’ll read this till it’s all over – too busy out enjoying yourself and good for you too!! The studio is a hive of activity – I think you can allow yourself some time off to recharge the batteries! Have a lovely day – Linda x

  3. Hilster, thank you very much. I don’t usually go on about the old birthday but couldn’t resist mentioning it as it was, in fact, here.
    I had a lovely day out, and I want the birthday to continue for longer than a day, how childish is that!
    I love a nose about in studios both in real life and on the web, so that’s why I put it on really, to entertain people like me.
    I would love the George piece, when you have time. The cd was great by the way, I’ve just realised I forgot to say.

  4. Thanks Linda, I love a bloggy birthday wish!
    You are right about a day off recharging the batteries; something we all to often forget is necessary. It was such a good day too, just a jolly outing to a National Trust property, nice food, lovely Christmas decorated house, good weather and lots of friendly, very chatty stewards.

  5. Happy birthday Stephanie
    As a celebration, another Blogger has clocked your work and posted a piccy – I think it’s yours and someone had already commented that she thinks it’s you. Check it out! dogdaisychains.blogspot.com
    Thanks for all your posts – I really enjoy reading and looking – you’re so talented – fantastic work!

  6. Happy Birthday! Love seeing the pics of your studio, beautiful work as always, you are such a hard worker! Can’t wait to get over in March and see you & your fab artwork xx

  7. Thanks for all your Happy Birthdays everyone, very kind. I think the studio is a bit of a heap to be truthful Shelagh, but I’ve decided that work comes first and tidying just has to wait. That’s the joy of your own space.
    Thanks for the info. re the dogdaisychains blog Gill, I looked and there it indeed was. Nice blog too.
    Hilary, I have thought about it and I think I may give in and accept that brain frying will result from juggling multiple ongoing projects. Indeed, as Hils says, perhaps it is already well sauted, and also poached. I think the reason I cope is that I have only myself to blame, so hopefully that same self will just get on and sort it all out. I may try to stick to one thing at a time in future, or perhaps two. Sx

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