White Noise moves on, a little.

I’m in a finishing mood. Well, actually I’m not, but I have to be as there are things that have been dragging on for too long, and if I want to start new work, I must finish some ongoing work. ‘Ongoing’ is a term that should be used for a short time only. Long term ‘ongoing’ is doomed.

So, I finished some 3 D aspects of the Thrift and Alchemy work, accepted that indeed one small piece could be termed ‘ongoing’, as I could use it to demonstrate [good idea, ‘eh?] and got on with finishing the putting together of White Noise, a large-ish piece. I couldn’t quite decide how to put it together, as I didn’t want it as one large panel, so I’m mounting each piece on painted old maps, and will add borders and stitch, then possibly string it together in four sections, so it will be easy to store, carry and hang. I hope.

Here are all sixteen finished pieces laid out on the table.

And here they are on their recycled maps, which I have now started to paint white, with a vague image of the map showing beneath the paint. [not in this picture though]I am tending to work in components more and more these days; I think I’ve had enough of wrestling with quantities of fabric when using the sewing machine and hand stitching.

When this is done my next job is to finish ‘Gold’, another Thrift and Alchemy piece.

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