A minimal post here, only one image, and it’s rather plain too. I’ve decided I was hanging on to a couple of projects that I had started some time ago, and that I had lost enthusiasm for them. One was the garden pieces I had thought of using for the Orientated shows, but they weren’t inspiring me enough to really want to do them; they were started the year before last. And as all textile artists know you need deep down enthusiasm, as this is real labour intensive work.

The other was the potentially large Flowerpecker piece. I hope this may be a book at some point instead, but I have a queue of books in my head and I’ll do the one that excites me first. As I’m still finishing the recycled work I’m not sure what that will be.

So I took all the gubbins off the walls, which left the room quite minimal-ish and a little echo-y. I imagine something will go on them soon, but I’m not sure what. A couple of the previously mentioned under the table projects were consolidated or dumped too. I’ve been having a de-cluttering sort of year, and now it’s moved into the work space. I must say it does feel good.

I taught the group at Avoncroft Arts Centre again yesterday, and so stupidly forgot to take any pictures of their great work. I suspect this was because I was doing too much talking. Hopefully when they finish their pieces I will receive e mails and can feature the work.

I have blogged on the SiXand Friends blog too, about time I did, I’ve been leaving the others to do all the work.

I was so tempted to draw all over the walls though.

4 thoughts on “Minimal

  1. What a brave decision Steph – I take my chapeau off to you old girl. It is so hard to acknowledge that the time might have passed for something … but until you do, and clear it away, there is no space for new enthusiasm to live. I am in total chaos in my studio at the moment and MUST get it sorted. I shall think of you and get stuck in – brave heart – clear decks xx

  2. Hi Hilly,
    Yes, it had to be done, as I had stopped looking forward to doing those pieces. I may even have a relaxed week or so over Christmas and do no work at all…
    If you are in chaos yet jolly in your work that is good, but I had to be tough in my deck clear because of course one looks at the half baked work and the old ‘should’ word creeps in.
    I intend to post on our SiX blog but the pics will not behave and go where I want them too, so I will bend the ear of the infant who uses blogger too, and get it sorted. Keep up the brill. work, I love your Oriental work so far.sXX

  3. Yes cover the walls with paper and draw all over them, would love to see that, you love working large, so what could be better. Stick up different types of paper and cloth and Pollack them, whoo hoo, how liberating would that be, now do I have a wall somewhere…….

  4. Blimey Shelagh, I think you need to visit and express yourself on my walls! I must admit I was thinking of felt pens on the actual wall, graffiti artist style.Can you imagine the floor if I Pollocked? S

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