I don’t bother with New Year’s resolutions as I think there’s enough pressure in life without setting any more unrealistic goals. That said, I do need to lose weight and finish a lot of projects, from work to clearing out the garage. Everything takes so much longer than you expect it to, so at least one thing I will try to keep in mind is, well, that. I’ve been reading a few pieces about a no goals approach to life recently, no, not football, but just being gentler with yourself. It’s certainly true that in the past I have set goals, made astonishingly comprehensive lists and worked like a dervish. I simply ended up either unwell, mildly depressed and never satisfied with what I had achieved. I also stopped enjoying working, which as an artist is a non starter. So, in the midst of great family upheavals let’s see if the gentle approach works. It’s that or gin.

I have finished a couple of smaller pieces over the break, which was good as they have been going on for quite a while. I’m also looking at ways to simplify processes with other work I have in progress or planned. These often consist of many small decisions or actions, and the main challenge is keeping your wits about you, which can happen more easily if you don’t overload life, and go out for a good walk every day. I do this but this windy weather has destroyed two umbrellas in the last two weeks, but I think that counts as de- cluttering.

This is ‘Summer courtyard, Florence’.  Painted fabrics, applique, machine and hand stitch, 60cm x 40cm. It will be framed and glazed.

This is ‘Plum’, the same processes as above. This one has been sitting around for ages; I don’t think I liked it very much, but I do now, it’s very delicate. It’s also 60cm x 40cm, and will be framed and glazed.

Happy New Year, and whether you decide upon the resolution or no resolution approach, at least carpe diem,quam minimum credula postero.

4 thoughts on “Resolutions

  1. Steph, I’m sort of in the ‘no resolutions’ camp but do think one should have some medium term goals to aim for at certain times. I hadn’t thought about gin as an alternative but it’s worth considering! I like ‘Plum’ a lot, very ethereal and wistful.It has that spare, Japanese look to it. What a productive way to spend the holiday. Someone gave me ‘Instinctive Quilt Art’ by Bethan Ash for Christmas and the penny has dropped at last about painting fabric and using it as your own. Looking forward to seeing what you produce in 2012. Happy New Year. Best wishes for a successful and creative one.

    1. Hi Lesley, Happy New Year. Yes, medium term realistic plans are basically necessary; I am mainly thinking of unrealistic stress inducing goals or even tedious jobs we force ourselves to do, that with a little creative thinking we can re-jiggle, and make them more relaxed and enjoyable. Or eliminate them entirely if they’re not behaving! It’s an ongoing process, with highly flexible rules.
      I hope you enjoy painting your own fabric, it’s one way to really make your work your own. I’ll look forward to checking your blog for progress.

  2. Happy New Year Stephanie. Good thoughts re:resolutions. How about blending the two and being ‘gin-tler’ with yourself (both gentle and gin!) BTW if you are a gin drinker I have to evangalise about Fevertree Tonic water – takes to to a new level 🙂

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