Beyond Dark Spaces revisited

Well over a year ago I started  a large piece called Beyond Dark Spaces, based on a mix of a jungle theme with elements of Baroque architecture. I’m not sure why I let it sit under my table for a year, but I need a large piece for an exhibition and don’t have time to start another due to other projects, so out it came and I am quite excited about it all over again. I’ve decided to add some  organza shapes in black, grey and white to  introduce, hopefully, a look of fractured light on its surface. This will mean quite a lot more stitching on each of the nine pieces; here are a few images of work in progress. I still haven’t decided how to finish and mount the pieces; it will be one large piece made from these components. I would like to introduce some other elements such as plastics or metals, but I’ll see what the work decides.

Some of the pieces on the table. Each is about 60 x 45 cm.

The same thing but at a cheeky angle.

A close up showing the shadowy organzas. Some are very cheap from the rag market here in Birmingham, and some are silk, not so cheap. When they are on the piece they don’t look that different, but the silk is more pleasant to use.

A flying lizard and his shadow. I have written some text for this piece, which I may incorporate, when I can actually find it.

2 thoughts on “Beyond Dark Spaces revisited

  1. It is most encouraging to know that the professionals also have a few things that they start but don’t necessarily finish all in one go. It makes me feel much better!

  2. I could make you really happy if I gave you the full list of projects that stay around for ages Hilary! Some half done pieces I recycle into other work though, and I’m finding I rather like having these around as a resource, rather than thinking of them as the dreaded ufos.

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