First workshop of the year

I’ve just taught a two day workshop, Beautiful Birds, at Ineke Berlyn’s barn here in the Midlands. The threatened snow did arrive on the second day, today, which of course I take personally. It’s the first snow this winter, but I suppose it causes less chaos on a Saturday. [Actually this proved to be untrue, unfortunately for all those stuck and stranded.] Most people stayed quite close to the end, which was quite brave of them. I hope you all had a tolerable journey home folks.

Here they are with their work. It was a very enjoyable course to teach, with lovely lunches cooked by John, Ineke’s husband.

Lynda with a moonbird based on my pattern but made into her own with a lovely choice of fabric.

Here’s Ineke, managing to make this fantastic kite whilst tending to the students purchasing needs at the same time.

Kay with her sweet curlew.

Lorraine with a wonderful layered crane, very cleverly done.

Paula made this elegant hoopoe; I loved the beautifully organised feathers on his back.

Sarah’s almost life sized herring gull, he was a very urbane chap.

Laurie’s kingfisher was delicately made and had wonderful layered feathers.

Kate was working on two butterfly pieces, one subtle and one dramatic, gorgeous.

Eileen was making the components for a stunning graphic piece, featuring a terrifying wren.

Vivienne’s jewel like kingfisher, very beautiful.

Sue’s jolly colourful starling, with subtle and finely layered leaves.

Jan’s robin in the snow, a lovely creature.

To finish here’s my latest bird piece. I felt the need for colour, so used this khadi paper I had printed with a collograph plate I made last year. There’s another piece above it which I will also use.

And here’s the piece laid down and ready to stitch. It’s about 90 cm x 30 cm.

5 thoughts on “First workshop of the year

  1. Fantastic day, Stephanie you are a lovely gentle Lady who is full of passion for her craft. Ineke’s barn is amazing and the food Yum Yum…. ( Well done John! )

    Thank you to all the like minded people whom I shared a brilliant two days with.

    My Crane will definately need a few more friends …….

    Hope you all got back home safe and sound.

    1. Thanks Lorraine, I hope to see that crane finished! It’s such a good venue, pity about the snow, but never mind, it was a very good couple of days. Hope to see you in the future, Steph.

  2. Hi Steph, the new piece looks so balanced with the subtle colour, I could see it as a 3D lamp shade. I like this piece very much. The ladies all looked so happy, lovely birds
    Shelagh x

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