A day in Worcester

A friend and I went to Worcester for the day on Saturday. I am in the textile group Eclectica, and we have an exhibition in Worcester Cathedral in May. We are putting into this a variety of work, and we are each making a small piece of work based on an aspect of the Cathedral, of our own choice. So I went to do some research, which involved a combination of my favourite activities, which are going out with friends, looking at old and lovely buildings, thinking about new ideas for work, and taking in a few shops and cafes. The weather was wonderful, we went on the bus, and sat on the top deck, like kids, taking in the late winter countryside en route.

The Cathedral.

Another view from the River Severn walkway, which was busy with people and dogs.

It was a fine day for walking alongside the river. There was a lot of rowing and swan activity. We love rivers, us Birmingham folk.

My favourite part of the Cathedral has always been the cloisters. This is where the monks washed centuries ago, in these stone channels. Chilly on a winters morning, I would imagine. Not a lot of privacy, either.

I took more images in the cloisters than in the main Cathedral, and may use this little chap in my piece of work. There is a lot of pagan and mythological imagery in our churches and cathedrals which always interests me. Some of it is absolutely wild!

And I couldn’t resist this lovely bit of blossom. I have a very Japanese looking close up of it too, which will be useful as reference for my work for the Orientation exhibition with SiX and Friends.

4 thoughts on “A day in Worcester

  1. I love Worcester Cathedral. Whenever I go, I always wander over to King John’s tomb and have a little chat with him – baddies are so much more interesting, don’t you think.

    The cafe in the cloisters is a great place for a coffee and cake. Did you spot all the old bells, lined up in the cloister arches?

  2. Those pics make me very homesick Steph, love Worcester & walking by the river. Looks like the weather was beautiful too, Spring is on its way at last.

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