Some small landscapes

I’m quite tired as I’ve been teaching all day, which I shall blog about in a couple of days, so you’ll be pleased to know this post will be mostly images, with little waffle.

I’m still inspired to make more small landscape pieces, and I’m using design sheets I produced a couple of years ago for this new batch. All the landscapes are in long landscape format too, which is very adjacent.

Work in progress.

Another view of the landscapes in progress. I really felt that I was working in a mess, but this doesn’t look convincingly messy enough. You should see the floor though…The piece on the wall is taking ages to finish, I have to resort to making other work as a break and for a bit of fun. The beast is nearly done though.

Design sheet one. I started with a photo of a snowberry, then drew it, and sketched various layout ideas.

Sheet two. I decided to use the horizontal designs on the bottom right.

Collaged painted papers. I have several collaged design sheets on this theme,  inspired by that image of the snowberry. Some, such as this one, I would love to make into a large piece.

The first laid down fabric piece. Detail will be added with  machine and hand stitch, on all the pieces. This is about 40 cm long.

I had intended only to do two pieces, but instead elements of the two original drawings formed themselves into several pieces. I’ll post the others soon.

These are all about 30 cm long, and will be simply stitched.

They would do quite nicely for the exhibition ‘Orientation’, being spare and orderly, like Japanese gardens.

These last four pictures wanted to remain resolutely monochrome; well, there is a vague greenness in one piece. I was desperate to include some red, but they disagreed. I’ll look forward to stitching these, they are light relief after the afore mentioned beast.


7 thoughts on “Some small landscapes

  1. Stpeh – here am I on a Saturday morning musing over my sketch book and lo, you have yet again unblocked me!

    I love your work. It is truly inspirational.

    Many thanks for sharing.

    Hilary G

  2. Steph, what you write is NEVER waffle. I love hearing aloud the thought processes you go through as you create. All this from a snowberry sketch! Wow is all I can say.

  3. These are beautiful, I love the simplicity of the bottom landscapes. Seeing how you progress from design boards to a piece of stitch is fascinating, and really useful to someone who struggles with just how to start anything – so thank you!

  4. Thanks Iz. All you need is a photograph, or two, no more, and some non-precious paper, a pen and time to do a little simple drawing. Then if you have a little more time, cut up some papers and stick them down in a series of quick collages. Then choose one to convert to fabric, if that’s your medium.The collage stage simplifies the work, I find. One important thing is to stick with just one or two images; too much visual reference around impedes the creative process, making you bounce from one idea to another. Keeping it simple gets the work done, I find.

    1. As usual Steph you make the creative process sound so simple! But I know it takes years of experience & a special eye to produce work as beautiful as yours. Absolutely love the landscape pieces.

      1. Thanks Jacqui, I hope to have some finished for the NEC show, I’ve just been doing the machine stitching today. Just some hand stitch to do now, I want to keep it simple. Not long before you’re here!

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