Many birds and a chair

I taught my second course at Ineke Berlyn’s barn on Friday and Saturday, and enjoyed it as much as the first one I taught a month ago. Good lunches again too; it’s wonderful to be fed.

I was impressed again with the standard of the work, and the way the group used and enjoyed the painting, printing and thermofax printing on offer, the latter with thanks to Ineke.

So here they are, with their individual avines; all are works in progress.

There’s a good view of the studio from the mezzanine level.

Chris’s bold crane marching across a wonderful background inspired by visits to Tanzania.

I love this cockerel of Judy’s; you can’t see to well here but there were many layers and applied tiny pieces of fabric.

Anneleen came from Sussex for the course, and made a lovely job of this pheasant.

Cheryl is also from Sussex, friend of Anneleen, and maker of this beeeater. She chose a perfect and inspired mix of fabrics, and her drawing emphasised the birds beautiful shape.

Alison’s marsh harrier was beautifully put together, and her background was a lovely mix of painting, block printing and thermofax screen printing.

June’s work made me very keen to get back to pattern manipulation.She used bold shapes and printed fabrics to make these stunning birds.

Jill’s background was glorious, I wanted it. Her heron was exquisite too, this image doesn’t show that well enough. That’s the case with all of the work I’m afraid, but at least this gives an idea to what went on.

I particularly liked Helen’s use of colour and fabric choices, as well as the bold shapes and jolly arrangement.

Chris is an accomplished felt maker, and was enjoying trying, very successfully, a different discipline. There are two pieces of work here; I did like the juxtaposition of shape and pattern.

Lya came from Holland for the course, and the heron and robin were taken from her own photographs of the birds in her garden. The shapes of her birds and her subtle use of colour made them very special. The robin has a painted and printed background, and the heron will go onto some handmade paper.

And this is the chair of the title. Ineke was being generally helpful in many ways during the class, and occasionally doing some work on her latest journal quilt, a rich velvet chair. Domestic settings, and the objects in them, could be a good theme for the future….