Li gets going, at last.

I am making a couple of pieces for the SiX and Friends exhibitions Orientation, which I will post on that blog too when they are completed. As works in progress I’ll post them here, as they move on.

Floating Gardens is being stitched at the moment, by my poor machine which has severely worn down feed dogs. I seriously need something industrial to work on, the layers I expect it to cope with.

I have also started to construct a new piece, called Li Carpet. Li I have mentioned previously; it’s a Chinese method of comparing, organising  and analysing patterns in nature, a complex subject I have just reduced to extremely simple terms. I’ve decided to work in a more simple way by just enjoying and using pattern, which is a subject I have worked with for many years. The drawings and paintings I am using for this piece were made over 25 years ago; I found them when I was sorting a portfolio, and realised they were just what I needed for this project. They were under used when I did them all those years ago, so it’s good they are having their 15 minutes now.

The Carpet part of the title is to do with a wonderful Assyrian  low relief stone carving in the British Museum, which I think is described as a wall carpet; it is quite large but so beautiful and restrained; the carving is glorious. I will go to see it again soon I hope. It stuck in my head and the two ideas got together.

This is the starting point, 25 30 cm squares of recycled painted and printed fabric, pinned to the wall.

A selection of the fabric and prints I will use. I photographed my paintings, and as they were all brightly coloured I photoshopped them into monochrome images for this work.

I am determined to use some of my favourite bling fabric in this piece. The orchid is from my book Into the Cacao Grove.

The prints pinned onto the piece, with some rather curly fabric pieces too. They have been laminated, and there is still much work to do with the addition of more fabric and of course stitch.

A close up.

And another. This is A4 sized here but was taken from a small painting, about 20 cm x 10 cm. I love using prints, the availability of multiples and the freedom to play around with them holds a lot of creative possibilities.

The orchids with the orchid from the book. They are wonky here, I will straighten them up. I like to reference and use previous material; sometimes a theme needs to be worked at, or a seam may still need to be mined, before it’s put to rest. I like occasionally to keep one work related to another, if it seems right, and work brought from the past to a present use.

4 thoughts on “Li gets going, at last.

  1. I like the development of the piece and I know it will look amazing when it is finished, but I love your starting point! The 25 30cm square pieces look so beautiful, somehow ancient, classic and contemporary. Lovely!

  2. Hello Janice, Liesbeth, and Hilary,
    Lots of thanks for your encouraging comments; I’ll keep posting it as it moves on. It’s still at the daunting stage, then it will reach the stitching stage, which is more relaxing. After that it’s the construction phase, which is my least favourite procedure. But I am looking forward to seeing it completed, it will be interesting to see how it turns out.

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