I’ve finished the two beach pieces I posted a short while ago. These will hang with the larger beach piece, although I have framed them, whereas that larger work is free hanging,  mounted on very thick khadi paper.

The exhibition they are going into is at the RBSA Galleries in Birmingham. I have a lovely huge spread of wall to work with, and will be hanging a couple of new large pieces, [my new banner, see above, is part of one of them; Beyond Dark Spaces] Beach, and a selection of framed works. I would like my latest artist’s book, Mist and Grey, to be there too, but although it’s not as large as my first two books it’s quite a spread when open and needs to be in a case, or protected in some way.

See image of leaflet below, and please come if you can; it’s there for 2 weeks and we are having two Open Days, on May 12th and 19th. We decided to add the second Open Day after the leaflets were printed. I daresay I will be mentioning the show again…

There will also be wonderful work by Jacqui Calladine, Annette Lucas and Gwen McQuay as well as my offerings.

Here is Beach II, white sky. It’s about 50 cm x 40 cm.

And this is Beach III, spring storm, a little smaller than Beach II. My next job for the show is to finish The Moth Pages, which needs to be stitched onto black felt. I’ve ordered this and hope it arrives soon, I would like to get it done next week. I tried free hanging it but so many pieces strung together were badly behaved, and when it goes to the Festival of Quilts someone else will hang it so it has to be manageable.