An aviary and Uttoxeter

It’s been a busy weekend. I was teaching on Saturday, a Birds workshop near Kidderminster, with a great group of people. Lovely lunch, good conversation, I felt guilty that I wasn’t working hard enough. We spread the work in progress out on tables at the end of the too short day,and here are some images. The work produced was inspiring in its range and approach. This blog is becoming an aviary.

On Sunday I went to the Quilt and Embroidery show at Uttoxeter, organised by Margaret McQuillan. It was very enjoyable, a really neat little show. I spent most of the time chatting to lots of friends, and I confess to some purchases…some African indigo dyed cloth, chunky glass African beads and a very useful basket, large, round and green like a giant pea. Here are a few images of some work in the show, well, mine and a couple of friends. There was a lot more good work I could have posted.

This is my daughter Chloe’s little landscape, which she entered into the embroidery competition. It will go on the wall at home now if she lets me have it.

This is Gilli Theokritoff’s excellent magpie quilt. She started this in one of my Birds classes, but she doesn’t need teaching. She won a prize for a beautifully made bag too, but my photograph was dire. See more of her work at

This piece has been on my blog before, but as it’s one of my favourites made by my friend Hilary Beattie [see side panel for her blog etc] here it is again. It was also a prize winner, as was a lovely little bag she made.

This is my Night Frost which won a second in Innovative Embroidery, and below is me with The Secret Jungle which also won a second, in Innovative Quilts. Greta Fitchett’s graphic and beautifully quilt won first prize, it was a lovely piece.

4 thoughts on “An aviary and Uttoxeter

  1. So lovely to bump into you yesterday Steph & you have a feast of prizes as well, glad the photo came out alright. It is a lovely show, very friendly and lots of room to look. You are fast becoming the bird lady, which is a lovely title, maybe a new book????

  2. Hi Shelagh, it was great to see you too, and thanks for being the photographer! The birds may appear in some pattern based work, but no more in books until I get to my winter book in the seasons volumes I’m working on.

  3. Hi, l have just found your amazing blog..what wonderful work has been created here.x One of my best friends lives just outside Kidderminster, is that were you are based? I was wanting to subscribed to your blog but l can not see where? i am following you already!!x Lynda

    1. Hi Lynda, thanks for your enthusiasm, I’m glad you like my work. I am in Birmingham, not that far from Kidderminster. Hope you continue to enjoy the blog, I’ll have a look at yours too, thanks for the link.

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