Decorating done and some finished work

This weekend I’ve been decorating our bedroom [I hope to stop aching at some point] and then it was back to work teaching ceramics on Monday, after the Easter break. I enjoyed being with the students again, and I must post some pictures of them and their work at some point.

I was hoping for a few more outings during the holidays, but this wasn’t to be, what with family and work, so I have some planned for the future, mainly after our Big Show at the RBSA. The room looks better after its facelift but outdoors beckons.

I did manage to do a fair amount of work at the studio, and some at home. Here are some completed landscape pieces, followed by  The Moth Pages, which is done now, mounted on felt, and I even managed to finish the baton by painting it black today. It’s a big piece, about 2.5 x 2 metres. It will be at the RBSA show and then at the Festival of Quilts. I have a storage problem brewing with all these hefty books and large pieces I keep making, but at the moment keep pushing it out of my mind…

Two trees, winter Moon. All these pieces are about 40-50cm long.

Winter Moon, six trees.

Spring Moon, six trees. As you can see I enjoy counting trees.

Here is some of The Moth Pages on the table, being stitched onto the felt backing.

And here is the whole piece on the wall. It doesn’t quite curve in that interesting way, that’s the photograph. I must learn how to take a good image of a large piece, the edges always appear to veer off in all directions. I will be loading individual pages from the piece onto my website asap.