Fun with Frift

Actually it’s Fun with Thrift, but I felt the need for a touch of alliteration. I was going through what I like to call my mixed media drawers on Thursday, looking for some interesting paper to use in a project. The main drawer is a heap really, but I began to pull out papers and plastics and prints, as well as old cut- up embroideries, and put them together based on colour and colour combinations I liked. It was fun and interesting to do, and I did extract quite a lot of stuff I’ve had for a couple of years, all classed as up/re or whatever cycling, which is very satisfying. Here are the results, and there are now lots of little piles of materials on the studio floor, each waiting for me to make a piece of work from it. I’ve started three, which I will post soon.

The drawer and some of its contents. It’s amazing what a small drawer can hold.

I’m hoping to include these photo transfers of Roman landmarks too. They are weird colours as the ink was running out, an effect I liked. I made these about 4 years ago ago after a brief trip to Rome. I need to go again, it’s a great city, and I am loving the Mary Beard progs on TV about ancient Rome.

2 thoughts on “Fun with Frift

  1. Could you pop down to Pembrokeshire and have a look at my piles of stuff Steph? Somehow I think you’d look through it and see far more potential than I could. I love the way you keep things for a long time waiting for the moment when they’ll be just the right addition to something. I want to see what those little piles of colour co-ordinated materials evolve into. You make it read as if you have no plan when you sort therse things out but I can’t believe the work is that serendipitous!

  2. I’d love to have a look through your stuff Lesley, especially as it’s in Pembrokeshire! When I’m teaching I always enjoy looking at the materials the students bring, and hopefully finding potential there. Students are also very inspiring as we know, the way they choose to use materials is a learning process for me too.
    It was a spur of the moment thing, I hadn’t planned to do it at all, and really I shouldn’t have, but that’s how things work at times. I think I know now though that’s why I didn’t throw any of it away over the past few years; I think the subconcious knows there will be a place for such things at some point. I plan to work my way through the piles as light relief, as I have a large piece of work on the go at the moment, and can get a little weary with the biggies.

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