The four members of Quatrefoil and their helpers put up their first big show yesterday, ‘Debut’.  That’s myself, Annette Lucas, Jacqui Calladine and Gwen McQuay.It’s at the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists Gallery, and we have the second floor Gallery, which is  large and light, and the show looks good. I was quite worried about putting this one up, for two main reasons. One is that I had some big and unwieldy pieces of work to hang, and the second is that I just dislike hanging shows. I do, however, love it when it’s all done, you can then just relax and enjoy. Hanging the biggies went well though, thanks to my husband.

The show is on until Saturday May 19th, open every day 10.30 – 5.00, Sundays 1.00 – 5.00. It’s free to get in, and there is a wonderful ceramics exhibition in Gallery One too, showing work by a friend of mine, Gordon Thomas, who died in 2004 and who is still sadly missed. His lovely wife Nest has worked really hard to put this show on.

Here we are looking a little blurry; well, we had just put up the exhibition. Annette, Gwen, myself and Jacqui.

Here are some pictures of our show. We have 2 Open Days too, on Saturday 12th and 19th May. On the 19th May we will be taking it all down, so the exhibition will close at 4, as we have only about an hour to do it, before the work for the following show starts to arrive.

The following four images show Jacqui’s work. She is currently living in Seattle for a while, and her work is concentrating on a sense of place. It is very beautiful and subtle, and rewards long study.

Next is Annette’s work. She is a textile artist, a wiz at pattern making, garment design and millinery, and also knows a lot about keeping hens.

Next is Gwen,  a retired lecturer in textiles who now concentrates on photography. It’s not digital either, no manipulation, just film; beautiful and atmospheric compositions.

Then there’s me.

I have a wonderful long wall, which is good, as The Moth Pages, here in the foreground, and Beyond Dark Spaces, at the other end, are rather large. Actually the wall looks much shorter in the images, it’s really a long length.

Mist and Grey at the window. The pages may fade; I don’t mind, I like my books to have a life.

The large [ish] Beach piece and its two framed companions.

8 thoughts on “Debut

  1. Hi Steph. Exhibition is looking really good. I know the room and the wall that your pieces are on so they will look stunning. I do love the comment that you like your books to have a life. Having just been a talk by James Hunting who uses new fabric to give it a voice & meaning it is interesting to hear that you have the same ethos. Makes me wonder why some people get so het up about being precious with their textiles, what are we saving them for, when we are not here then why should we worry. Your work you see again is very thought provoking and I have enjoyed seeing how your work fits in with your friends. An excellent varied group. I hope that the show is successful, thanks for showing it

    1. Hi Shelagh, thanks for your compliment, of course you do know the RBSA. Let’s hope you get there again some day! I like my work to get around, I’m glad you approve. The two other books are certainly showing they’ve lived life.I’ll check out James Hunting, I know the name. Sx

  2. I t looks fantastic – I hope we can get down to see it but we have just travelled back from Cornwall so don’t fancy any car journies at the moment – love your other posts – first time I’ve heard anyone mention Christopher Le Brun we have 2 of his paintings in Liverpool Cathedral where I am a guide and they are very other worldly – good luck with the exhibition – I do love waht you do

    1. Hi Janice, I don’t blame you, I like my long car journeys spread out too. I’d be useless as a long distance lorry driver [for many, many reasons…] The Christopher Le Brun show was a gem, it was at the New Art Gallery in Walsall; how brilliant to have two of his works where you are. I’ll look at them when I next come to Liverpool, it’s a very nice train ride from Birmingham. Thanks for your comment about my work, if you come to the FoQ at the NEC please say hello.

  3. I feel the same as Shelagh about not being too precious. People are always surprised when l tell them they can touch my work. Would love to see the exhibition but unfortunetly with suffering from an awful cold and work..doesn’t see like l can.Pity it looks fantastic. Lyndax

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