Fun with frift moves on

It’s a busy time at the moment as Quatrefoil’s exhibition is now in its second week, and we have been stewarding the show and also held our first Open Day on Saturday, which was really well attended. This is Annette and I at our demonstration table. Not much work was done, we spent the day talking to visitors about the group, our work, textiles and art in general and the RBSA. It was very enjoyable.

Last week in my studio, and today, I have been working with the materials I sorted for my project jokingly called Fun with Frift. I am simply using stuff I have been saving, and enjoyed putting sample piles of fabric, paper and prints together. I call these piles/collections.

I took some small print offs of the piles to the studio to remind me of the original layouts, mainly because they looked quite nice, and I thought I may even use some of them more or less as they were. This didn’t really happen, as I ended up playing around with the designs, but I did jot down notes on the prints to remind me of the subjects that appealed for each pile.

My little prints.

Then some of the piles turned into more than one piece of work, so it’s all become very confusing, but do your best. Here are some images of the original pile and the resulting work. I have a few more piles to work through, so more images will follow.

This is the original collection of materials for the sea picture.

And this is how it worked out. Stitching next, and it’s about A2 size.

The original collection.

And a possible layout. It is a diptych so it may be the above layout, or the one below; I haven’t decided yet.

This is A2 size too.

This small piece, A4 sized, was a spin off from the diptych piece.

This collection produced the piece below, which wasn’t what I expected at all. I still have quite a lot of the materials left so will do another piece, which will perhaps be closer to the original collection.

This will be called Six Windows, and is mounted on handmade [not by me] paper. A2 again.

This one doesn’t relate to any of the above at all; whilst I was picking up one of my materials piles I spotted these bits of painted canvas from Mist and Grey, a book I’ve just finished, and they took me over for a while. It’s an interesting way to work, not exactly logically methodical, but creative and productive. This is A3 in size.

And the above piece prompted this piece, and then the one below. This is A2 size.

So I was definitely off-pile by then, but I am now back to using the original collections/piles of materials.This one is A4 size. That’s all for now, but there will be more, eek.

4 thoughts on “Fun with frift moves on

  1. Good grief Steph – you have been busy and I love every last man jack of them – why don’t I have piles like yours? Am I just too young?(tee hee). Anyway old bean – I’m hencing forth with my friend Jenny Rolfe to come and see your exhibition in Brum – very excited … not been to Brum for yonks. We are coming on Thursday lunch time to afternoon – if you are stewarding we can say hello, and if not, well I shall say hello to whoever is, but greatly miss you too. After that I must get a proper e-mail sent. Keep clearing drawers – Hils xxx

    1. Hils, I’m not there on Thursday, but I will most likely see you at Malvern on Sunday. Hope that it all goes well for you, looking forward to seeing your work.
      Also, you’re never too young for piles…just make art with them [come on Damien, you hadn’t thought of that one had you? Or is it more Gilbert and George.]
      Hope you enjoy your visit to Birmingham, there’s a good African textile show on at the Art Gallery if you have time.Sxx

  2. Steph, I look at what you achieve in awe. You’re a one woman production line of great stuff! I still cannot get my head around what is fabric and what is paper when I look at your pieces but it all has your singular style and looks great. I particularly like the colour scheme in the two pieces evolved from your Mist and Grey bits but they all work so well. Glad the Birmingham exhibition is generating lots of visitors!

    1. Thanks Lesley, very nice of you to say. I have a few more piles to deal with then I must stop. These small pieces are less stressful to make than the big ones, I have a biggie on the go but keep putting off working on it…

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