More pile work and lots of thanks!

I would just like to start this post by saying thank you to all the visitors to our Quatrefoil show at the RBSA Gallery. It was a busy and active two weeks in many ways, and we took the show down yesterday. We had a lot of good comments in our visitors’ book, and one or two more opinionated ones. We are very much looking forward to our next show; it’s good to have plans that move your work forward.

Back in the studio, which I am using as much as possible at the moment as I won’t have it for much longer, I have been continuing the theme of working with my ‘found’ materials, [found in my bits and pieces drawers anyway].Here are some more pieces of work.

I used these materials, which include an old map of Denmark, a lino cut print of my chameleon, [which appears in many of these pieces], a t- shirt transfer print of a photograph of a solanum plant I once had, some pieces from an old earring, and other fabrics and papers.

I used these quick drawings as inspiration, from a sketchbook I started a couple of years ago during a study day with Angela Thompson.

This was the first piece to appear, which I will finish as a hanging, rather than a framed piece. It’s about 1 metre by 50 cm, mounted on velvet and felt.

And following on was this piece, which is also on felt, but is smaller, about A2 size. I haven’t quite finished laying it down here.

With these pieces I have left I decided to make some smaller pieces; I didn’t want to consign them to the drawer again.

So I made these three smaller pieces.

This is A3 size, and the next two are A2 size.

This one has a lino cut of a sparrow that’s been in a couple of pieces.

And this collection has been put aside to go into a larger project, which I hope to make for exhibitions in 2013. I have a growing collection of pieces waiting to be finished now, so may have to hold back from laying down any more: well, I do have two more I must do first…

4 thoughts on “More pile work and lots of thanks!

  1. Only one observation: do you ever sleep? …. I love reading your blog Steph but it does make me feel positively sluggish. While I’m still thinking about things you’ve run rings around me and made a series of stuff! Amazing. Glad the exhibition went well and that you’ve started planning for 2013…. next year already!…. see what I mean..?

    1. Don’t worry Lesley I have my sluggish times too, today is one of them! I think it makes a difference where you work too. The studio is great for concentration but home is a different story…a room of one’s own is definitely needed.

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