Must get organised

I’ve been a little relaxed lately, both with work and blogging, and life in general. This is an unusual state for me, but I like it. I so hope I can keep it up, but need to get some work on the go and sorted. I finished regular teaching a week ago and don’t start any other teaching until July, and the hot weather combined with some pleasant outings with friends and a meal at an Italian restaurant last week with my ceramics students has put me in a bit of a holiday mood. I was out again today at Compton Verney in Warwickshire, looking at the Impressionist and Gainsborough exhibitions. The former show makes me want to break out the paints, and  I discovered the work of Stanhope Forbes and George Clausen, both fine painters.

I have a confusing work pattern at the moment, in terms of my own work. I have finished my big pieces for the Festival of Quilts, and I’m finishing small pieces at home for  that show [actually I’m not, well not as consistently as I should be] and for the Orientation show which starts in September. But at the studio I seem to be in a state of advanced planning, for 2014, which is mainly because I have big work I need to sort there before I leave. Then I am starting to think about an exhibition I am involved with in 2013, which has the wonderful title of Found. This is with Quatrefoil again.

So it’s safe to say my head is in many places, so it’s a good job I’m feeling relaxed, because I need to be to sort it all out! I have a plan though, which is based on the best way of sorting these things, which is of course Elimination. This means get rid of most of the half baked ideas and concentrate on a couple that really grab you. So here are some images of what is going on in the studio at the moment.

Now this is an amalgamation of two pieces I started a while ago. It has a long way to go but I want to try a couple of things with it to bring it together. This will involve scissors and paint.  There will be additions and subtractions, but no simultaneous equations. This is for 2013, probably the Festival of Quilts.

The following images are of a book I hope to exhibit in 2014. It seems a long way away but if I can sort all the pages ready to finish at home that will be a good job done, and I can enjoy the detailed finishing of it, rather than feel pressurised. The pages are quite large, about 70 cm long, and the book is about the summer. I hope to make an accompanying hanging, based upon winter. I must start to make smaller work, I have a small house and not much storage space.

These are a couple of the pages, which are a combination of prints of my photographs of various items from my nature collection, in this case a bird’s skull and a dragonfly, drawings and embroideries, with applique black leaves. All cheerful summery stuff; some pages are jollier, honestly.

And here are some pictures just showing the general state of the table and work in progress. This was after I had tidied it up. There is always a lot of material around at this stage, much of which won’t be used.

I’ll post more of these projects as they progress, and hope not to start any more big pieces yet, well, not this week anyway.

4 thoughts on “Must get organised

  1. You have some really interesting and exciting things going on there. Look forward to seeing your finished work on display too.

    1. Thanks Maggi, I hope they are at least vaguely interesting for people, I’ll post images as they progress. I was a little slow with the book at first, it didn’t grab me, but I’m keen now. I wonder if I needed the summer to happen to get it going; now I think of it I did my autumnal book mostly from late summer and finished it in the winter.

  2. Steph, this post made me smile… the heading ‘must get organised’ implies you are not, and then you reel off ideas already in the pipeline for 2013 and 2014. I need to interrogate your definition of organised as that sounds really focussed to me! I love watching your thinking process unfold through the photographs and it reinforces what a great visual thinker you are. As ever, I shall look forward to seeing the finished results, particularly of the ‘summer’ book. I hope it’s bumper size is reflected by a bumper summer this year!

    1. Lesley you keep me going! I don’t feel focussed, more racing ahead, possibly somewhat unnecessarily, but what’s new ‘eh? I am trying to be organised with the work both now and in the future [yes, I know, that is mad, call it planning ahead then] as I’m thinking of how I will be working at home, and what I can get sorted to use the space I have now and what the transition will be like. But I fear I will still be making it up as I go along; flexibility is all, mentally if not bodily.

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