More Summer

Well, it would be good wouldn’t it? I write this as I sit and listen to a thunderstorm, which after all the other rain is basically unnecessary, as far as I’m concerned. I enjoyed the recent spell of hot weather a lot, which is strange as up until now I’ve not been a hot sunny weather kind of person. This has made me question whether it’s time to make a few other changes, as when you experience that sort of character change  it’s rather weird; I feel there are other possibilities that may benefit from some exploration. I have no idea what they are, but I imagine the clever bit of my brain is going through some stuff so I’ll wait to see what it turns up with.

I’ve been laying down a few more pages of the Summer book, ready to stitch at some point. I am a little lax at stitching at the moment, but that must change; I keep thinking I’m on holiday as I’m not teaching again until July. So here are a few images; each page is about 70 x 30 cm.

This page is a double page spread with the one below.

This cornucopia shape turned up in the page below, which is actually the first in the book, so I though I would continue the motif throughout the book.

It was actually a shape left over from another project, left lying around.

There is a fair amount of work to do on this; it will be opposite the piece below.

Text will appear somewhere in the pages too.

This is a piece based on the shore and sea. Most of the pages include some recycled embroideries, new work, and printing on a variety of media.