Some pink pages

I seem to have a thing about pink, which actually lies quite dormant until I start to put together one of my books. I noticed this with my book The Stone Bird, where it suddenly became imperative to put in some of the pink birds that we see in winter. The Summer book is the latest I’m making, and the colour starts with greens, then blue and yellow, but I have this embroidery I made  a couple of years ago that is basically pink and black, which I was determined to include in some way, although the general colour scheme seemed to be against it. Anyway, a few bits of text moved things along,  and suddenly there were six pages all about pink. I don’t do a lot of pink work and I own no pink clothes, but I enjoyed making the pink pages. Perhaps it all started with the pink and black bathroom my parents had in the 1960s.

This is the piece that started it; I’ve never wanted to sell it, but at least it has a role now.

This page will be opposite the one above.

A mix of printed material from my photographs and drawings, and printed text, was used to construct this page.

A similar mix of media plus some fabric makes up the opposite page to the one above.

These flowers printed from a collograph plate I made for another project were ideal for my pink mood.

And here’s the opposite page; there will be text, not just the repetitive ‘pink’…

Not pink, but in the spirit of healthy recycling of embroideries that have had a life, this chap was part of a bigger piece that I was never that happy with. So I cut it up, re jigged it, and feel he has a place at last.

And here’s the opposite page, more of the afore mentioned chopped up embroidery, and a large photograph I took of a tiny bird skull I have had for about 35 years, printed on acetate, after a little play on Photoshop. The skull is exquisite.

I was also given a monkey skull last year, by a lovely student, Rachel. She had heard me rabbiting on about how I like bones;  they are truly amazing constructions. He or indeed she [he does look like a bloke though] will appear in a future piece; he has been photographed. He has very good teeth.

6 thoughts on “Some pink pages

  1. I started reading this and it all came flooding back to me Steph….. I think many people must have had that pink and black bathroom look! Mum had a pale pink suite and black tiles….. I was about to leave a comment that said I didn’t do pink either and then I remembered that I took delivery of some bookcloth yesterday in a vivid magenta colour and also a bright orange sheet that I intend to use for book covers and pair with some very bright pink ribbon ties so I had better not speak too soon. I love the fact that you like old bones and skulls etc. I collect and love to study dead birds and no-one else quite understands why….I think you might!

    1. Bright colours and bones, we like to cover as much ground as possible don’t we? The books sound very interesting; someone gave me some book cloth recently, it’s beautiful, I’d not handled it before. The appreciation of, and an interest in everything that lives on Earth is something we are lucky to possess I think; even if this involves appreciating slugs…

    1. It’s quite an uplifting colour isn’t it? I like the cheeky way it decides that it needs to be included in my work; it counteracts all the black and white nicely.

  2. I just so love your work!!! – I need to see it in real life – when are you teachind g and where?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hi Janice, many thanks. I’ll have work at the Festival of Quilts, in the quilt competitions and on my stand, so if you can come to that there will be quite a lot to look at. As for teaching I have several courses coming up, the first one being at the RBSA Galleries in Birmingham, in August, then other courses later in the year in other venues in the Midlands. If you want a look they are on my website,

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