The last of Summer

Well let’s hope not in real life. It’s just that these are the last pictures I will blog of my Summer book, as it’s drawing to a close re its construction at least; now it’s just stitch, print text, etc and hopefully finish, then I’ll put some images on my website. I have it in mind now to finish it to put it on my stand at the Festival of Quilts. This wasn’t my original idea, but if I give myself a deadline that will keep it fresh and interesting for me, and I do need to finish rather than start any more work. [Note to self; you’ve failed re the latter; see the last two images of this blog entry…]

So here are a few more pages of Summer.

These two pages will be opposite each other, with text in the gap.

Two more that will be a double page spread.

And another two. These pages introduce rain into the book, but  it conveniently falls at night [ha!]  The book is about an idealised sort of dream Summer, of course. If it were about real Summer it would be damp, grey and chilly, on most pages. But still with flowers, bones and some resilient insects I’m sure.

These are two of the above pages after the advanced technique of acrylic ink splashing has been applied.

On these earlier pink pages I have splashed on some pearlised acrylic ink.

My daughter is always throwing away fabric she has painted. I often use it in my work, I find it quite inspiring, even though it’s not that different to that I paint myself, it’s just different enough to spark something off. She gave me a couple of pieces she had painted on Egyptian cotton which were delicate and vibrant. I use calico which doesn’t produce such a fine painted/printed surface and of course the colours are duller. So I wanted to use it and thought I would do one small picture. This has developed into a piece involving six parts, and seems to be the first in a series called Collection, now.

A palette of possible materials laid out.

And a first view of the possible layout of the piece. I like the theme of the nature table, and the natural history collection, and keep returning to it. I may involve other elements to as the series progresses, perhaps using museums and artefacts as a starting point too. This is a mix of fabric, prints, photographs of my work and drawings. It’s in its very early stages.

The elements are on A3 sized pieces of Khadi paper. I seriously need to be sponsored by Khadi, I’ve just ordered more sheets. I think it’s about my fourth big order this year. I do love paper though.

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  1. Steph, I like the way you say ‘there’s only the stitching and text printing’ to do, like that will take five minutes… and then by the end of the post you’ve started on something else! If you’re into collections take a look at the blog of a friend of mine – She’s just finished her MA and used the collections from Oxford’s Natural History Museum for source material. I am always intrigued how the same type of source is interpreted by artists working in different mediums. I wonder where you’ll go (and how fast!!!) with this new theme?

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