Steph in Venice

I know, I’m sorry about the title, I couldn’t resist it. It wasn’t just me anyway, I went with my old school friend, the one I do my little bits of travel with, and there were quite a few other people there too.

It was rather wonderful, as expected, very hot, quite surreal after all the cold grey wetness here, no cars, two free concerts, lots of jolly dogs going for walks in the evening with their Venetian owners, [not doges], amazing architecture, 7 boat rides, [7! I never go on boats normally and then I  go on 7 in 4 days!] lots of crumbly bits which we love to see in Italy but not on one’s own house, [although that may change, our abode is going the crumbly way] and much walking and sitting, imbibing pleasant liquids. I may do some work based on my photos at some point, particularly of a wonderful church called Santa Maria dei Miracoli, and some trees I saw on the waterfront. I will undoubtedly post those images when I start the work, so haven’t here.

So in the spirit of boring bods with one’s holiday photos, here are but a few.

On the Grand Canal on the vaporetto  going to the hotel, which was by St. Mark’s Square.

Some of the last remaining gondola builders and their workshop.

Books in an amazing old bookshop. There was a gondola in there full of books too, and two old baths, with books stacked in so many nooks and in two courtyards.

A thrilling collection of pipeage and cables.

Me, by a canal near to the church that so impressed me.

We went to Burano, one of the islands, which has architecture very unlike Venice. Many of the houses were fishermens’ cottages; the colours they were painted were great.

Morning coffee at Florian’s in St. Mark’s Square. Cost a bomb, present from  my friend’s lovely parents.

The Peggy Guggenheim Collection sculpture garden. Lots of 20th century art, brilliant, one visit isn’t enough. Astonishingly good air conditioning too. There was an exhibition there too by an artist called Charles Seliger, which I found rather absorbing.

A detail of one of the gates at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection. We then went to a jolly little bar we’d visited on our first day and ate one of those giant pizzas, though not all of it, I admit.

On our way home, from the ‘plane, Venice and the Lido. Back to work now.

4 thoughts on “Steph in Venice

  1. The colours of Burano would be particularly inspiring for you I would imagine Claire. Perhaps it’s time for you to visit Venice again. I’d love to go for longer than 3 nights certainly; it would be great to actually do your work there and see how it changed and developed. A year in Venice?

  2. Very clever header Steph and some pictures to envy. Venice is one of those ‘must see before you die’ places for me but as I never get around to renewing my passport I guess I’ll have to hold on a bit longer and live the experience through the travels of others like yourself. I shall be looking out for those Venetian influences in future work…..

    1. Thanks Lesley, I dare say I’ll be rabbiting on about it when the Venice influenced work takes off. Glad you liked the header, there were a few variations on the theme bandied about…

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