As I started this piece of work a couple of weeks ago, yesterday I thought I would indulge myself with carrying on with it. I say indulge, as I should be finishing work, not starting more. I have a lot of interesting prints, drawings and a couple of embroideries that I want to use in this project though, you see, so that then it can be stashed away for completion when all the other pieces I need for approaching deadlines are done. Interestingly this project and the Summer book project are moving my work into a different area, I feel; I seem to be using these collage type works as personal exploration on a level I hadn’t planned, not just as a way to make more work. I will say nothing more, as I don’t think it’s quite ready to have definite statements attached to it. I’ll just see what happens, when I have finished the other  pieces.

Anyway, today I have been stitching away at my Li Carpet piece for the Six and Friends shows, so feel quite pleased. I have to prepare work for a talk and workshop tomorrow and Saturday, so I’ll be back in the studio next week.

Here are the pieces I have laid down so far for Collection. They are each on A3 khadi paper; components are definitely the way for me from now on. No rain today, wow.

A somewhat wonky image, a speciality of mine, of all the pieces pinned onto the wall.

Drawing, fabric and a print.

A close up of a print of a drawing and fabric.

An A3 print of a photograph I took of a tiny bird’s skull with fabric overlaid.

Prints of my favourite sparrow, a print on acetate of one of my embroideries, a painted and printed cd, the face of my old watch, and some images printed on khadi paper of a photograph I took of a wall in Worcester Cathedral.

A close up of dancing starfish in silk organza on a piece of fabric that was once a pair of my daughter’s trousers when she was younger. I’m not in the habit of cutting up her clothes to use in my work unless she has finished with them, well, only occasionally.

2 thoughts on “Collection

  1. I really like where this work is heading Steph and think you need to resign yourself to the fact that you will always be starting something new whilst trying to finish something else. That seems to be the way you love to work so go with the flow. Interesting that you see it all moving in a new direction. How great to have that feeling of being energised by something new.

  2. Hi Lesley,
    Yes, I think that it is wise to accept one’s limitations, even try to enjoy them, as it’s clear that changing is difficult and may not even be the right thing to do. So thanks for that, I’ll give it a go! I’ll be interested to see if my new ideas take off, I daresay they will be blogged…

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