Three Moon pieces and a workshop

I taught a very enjoyable workshop on Wednesday, with the Textile Connections Group in Solihull. Well I enjoyed it, and they seemed to, too.We  worked on some ideas based on the title Place, Object, Narrative,  a wide ranging title but one which also encourages depth of exploration of the chosen subject.

I had an exhibition the year before last at the RBSA Galleries with that title, and I think that is when I started to be more autobiographical in my work, a development which is still moving forward,  involving itself with as much of my work as possible. By their nature these works are not particularly saleable so I still do my decorative pieces too.

Members of the group started to develop some really interesting work, so below here they all are, working hard.

Members of this group are experienced textile artists. Here is Judith working on a piece called Number One, Snowhill, which is a piece about urban development.

Many years ago I did some embroidery classes with Shirley. Here she is doing lovely drawings with added collage as part of a design based upon the areas of the coast she has visited.

Sue was working on a piece based on her love of Southwold, with it’s dark fishermen’s huts. She is planning a large piece using bold shapes of boats and buildings, and will explore the use of a dark and dramatic palette. This was new ground for her, so it was good for me to be able to encourage her in this different direction.

Jackie makes small, perfect and exquisite pieces of work, balanced and minimal, and was also branching out here, as she usually works with architectural subjects. These collages are based on still life and interiors.

Lynn had started a project based on texture, inspired by worn surfaces and visits to favourite places, such as Venice. She works in small components, and is intending to work with a variety of materials including boiled wool, and  produced some suitably distressed painted calico during the class.

Chris was putting together material to produce work based on her childhood, using old photographs, and a collection of textiles she has produced. Prints of Janet and John were providing the medium through which she intends to excise her demons regarding this particular set of reading books…

Una made great advances with work based on favourite objects and flowers. She had wonderful papers and fabrics she had painted and dyed in her collection, just waiting to be used.

Shirley was keen to use family photographs in a new piece of work, which after discussion she thought may be incorporated into a book involving other material such as favourite flowers. Here she is making studies of sunflowers in paint and collage, and working out design ideas which I feel will be very successful.

The group have made a group quilt which will be at the Festival of Quilts, based upon a washing line of interesting objects, and they have a stand at Sewing for Pleasure at the NEC here in the Midlands next March.

I seem to find the Moon appearing in quite a lot of my work. Almost without realising, here it is, used in these three new pieces.

Spring Moon, about 1 metre x 45 cm. Machine and hand stitched appliqued fabrics.

Autumn Moon, 1.2 metres x 45 cm. All hand stitched, appliqued mixed media on velvet.

Yes, it’s Winter Moon, no Summer Moon as yet. 80 cm x 50 cm, mixed media on felt, machine and hand stitch.

2 thoughts on “Three Moon pieces and a workshop

  1. Steph, these last few really hot days have left the moon looking glorious in the night sky so I’m not suprised you are inspired by it! Looks like a great workshop and it seems their enthusiasm feeds yours and vice versa. All too often we look at images online without really ‘seeing’ them and this came home to me when I suddenly realised and grasped the scale of some of your work. They are much bigger than I think I’ve understood before. I guess you’re gearing up for the FOQ in a few weeks? Hope it all goes well.

  2. Hi Lesley, yes, some of my work is rather large, particularly The Moth Pages, I think my biggest piece yet. It sort of collapses down into quite a small package though, which is a relief as I am running out of storage space. It is going to be at the Festival of Quilts, as am I on my little stand! Why don’t you come, it would be great to meet you. I know it’s a trek from Pembrokeshire though; it used to take us ages to get there when we used to go on holiday.

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