Catching up

I’ve been working on several projects this week, both moving towards finishing one large piece of work, and starting another set of work, as well as finishing work and cards for my stand at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, which has rolled around again far more quickly than expected.

I’ve started work on a new project called Found, which is the title of an exhibition I am in next year with  Quatrefoil textile group. It doesn’t start until October but we need images for publicity. True to form I started one piece, and it has led so far to six related pieces; there will be more too. It’s proving to be an exciting and interesting title to work to; titles are so inspiring, well, if they suit your work and personality of course. They can of course leave you as cold as a fish; I just couldn’t get excited enough to enter into a recent exhibition based on sporting themes, even though I have enjoyed watching a fair amount of the Olympics.

Found isn’t all about found materials, recycling etc, but as part of a layered approach to the subject, they will feature. It also relates to more philosophical issues, and in the case of this series of work, to fossils and undoubtedly other creatures and botanical subjects.

I was inspired to use a collection of blue fabrics, one piece from a charity shop ages ago, another an old dress, and some over the top metallic fabrics as a starting point. I do like the freshness of the blues, but they will and indeed already have been painted over. Some will be denser than others though; here are some early stages images.




At the top a collection of materials ready to go. Below, two laid down pieces, unpainted.

After machine stitching the pieces were painted, and varying fossil forms will be applied on top. These haven’t yet been finished; I need a t shirt or two printed with that.

Painted piece no. 1, with early stage echinoderm fossils.

Painted piece no.2, with floating potential fossils. I may leave these as pebble shapes, I quite like their simplicity. Each piece is about A2 sized.

I’ve been finishing Li Carpet too, which is ready to be put together when I have a more peaceful time [should one ever write that?] after the Festival of Quilts. This work is for Six and Friends’ Orientation exhibition, so needs to be ready for early September.

The pieces after their initial construction from printed and laminated images of my drawings, and painted and printed fabrics, had all been machine stitched onto individual felt backs, then hand stitch and beads added. I’m very into component working these days.

Next stage was trimming the felt backing edges ready to machine stitch them onto khadi paper.

A growing pile ready for the machine. They are all done now, and waiting for further attention, ie me wrestling with them for several hours trying to get the whole construction to behave.

The kitchen is filling up with a motley collection of tables, stands and boxes ready for the Festival. The car is a good size but the trailer will have to be employed this year, for various bits and pieces that can cope with being extremely shaken during transit. The trailer is a small chap, but handy. The first time we used it to go on holiday some years ago we didn’t know of its vibrating tendencies, and the fruit and veg. we popped in, even though well wrapped, were certainly well on the way to being pureed when we arrived.

My stand, should you wish to say hello, which would be nice, is Demo.H.  Stephanie Redfern will also hopefully be displayed on the fascia too, so I can spot where I am when I’ve been for a wander.

6 thoughts on “Catching up

  1. Hi Steph, we are coming on Thursday, so will stop by and say hello & look at all your goodies. It still astounds me how prolific you are with such good quality work as well. I hope that you do well in the competition and am your stand, see you thursday. Shelagh

  2. And of course I will be with Shelagh and bringing you the piece of work I promised to complete.Looking forward to seeing your work at the show.

  3. That’s excellent, it will be good to see you again, and I’m looking forward to seeing the work; I enjoyed that workshop and thought about you both when I was at the RBSA last week.

  4. …and you’re off again, working on something for NEXT YEAR and STILL cracking on with things for this year. Your energising post has made me think of kick starting my own inertia, post Olympic Games! I wish I had a unifying theme to work with but there are too many in my head to distil into one idea. I am going to ask some friends to throw down some theme ideas for me and pick one. Doing something outside of my comfort zone might be the spur I need to produce something and then I can feel as productive as you Steph. Have a great FOQ. I can’t imagine you’ll have much time to wander from that stand but enjoy it!

  5. The problem is Lesley, I have a big table in my studio and some nice walls so I keep starting things. They will be finished and they have a place in future shows etc but I seriously need to NOT START ANYTHING ELSE until some stuff is finished. The upper case is for me, not you, by the way!
    I always move back to my themes of natural history and elements of architecture these days, which are evolving, and of course are large subjects to start with, so no lack of inspiration there, unfortunately.
    I hope you find something to settle on, but the main thing is not to wait, not to think-make your work, just get going, have an area you don’t have to tidy up preferably, and then make it into a habit. Then one things definitely leads to another; beware of this wonderful sequence of events though, or you too could end up like me…

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