Much Swedish furniture

I’ve been gathering the furniture, quilts, other work, print rack etc together today for my stand, as it’s set up day tomorrow at the Festival of Quilts. These images don’t really show quite how much there is; in fact it’s not all there yet, there is stuff to be added. The husband is looking shell shocked already.

It’s not the largest stand, 3 x 2 metres, but it’s a bit bigger than last year, and I seem to have collected rather a lot of objects to put into that space, optimistically. Whether they will all go into the car and trailer, which is smaller than the last time I looked at it, is another thing, let alone whether I will get half of it on the stand. Trouble is I so need it all, surfaces especially, as I’m taking the Stone Bird book which is hefty and needs quite a lot of tableage of its own.

I’ve drawn a couple of plans, as recommended, but having done a fair amount of shows over the years I know I’m not that sort of person; I need to get it altogether and see what happens. Also scale plans fill up alarmingly, and that wasn’t what I wanted to see. I’m hoping the space will get larger as the furnishings shrink, obviously.

In an effort to save a bit of dosh I’m taking a table and chairs too; on my old stand ¬†these were included and supplied, but this one is less generous. I know you can expect shows to be expensive to do and I am used to that, but the charge to hire a table and chair was so laughable I got all stubborn. We were going to dismantle our own table to use but then our neighbours deposited one just like it in their front garden, to be dumped, and 2 handy chairs, just a couple of days ago. So of course they are now on their way to the NEC. The table weighs about as much as the car is designed to take, I think, let alone the rest of the stuff. I will post the end result of these labours tomorrow…



8 thoughts on “Much Swedish furniture

  1. Thanks Maggie, I’m not sure if you are visiting, come to say hello if you are; if not, there will be blogging…it’s all such big business, these shows, that nothing is free, really, although I must say when I had the small quilters in action stand, Twisted Thread, as they were then, were quite generous in show terms. I hope the new ‘owners’ of the show are as good to work with, although I may not have a stand next year.

  2. Sounds like a real design challenge here Steph. Have you got that kitchen sink in the trailer too? When you get there I bet it will all slot into place like a well planned campaign and look fab. PS Thanks for your comments in reply to mine on the last post. You are so right. I’ve made think-make into my norm and your words have shaken me out of it!

  3. Well done old bean – never any point in travelling light to my mind … take the lot. Hope it al went on the trailer and assembled beautifully at NEC today – very much looking forward to seeing you and your stuff, including Chloe of course xx

  4. Hi Lesley, glad you are inspired, I will be checking your blog to keep an eye on progress! It’s on my sidebar now too, so others can see what you are up to, too. The stuff did fit in, with the usual amount of juggling. It looks ok I think, jolly at least, and hopefully interesting for people to look at.

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